The Spanish towel brand Tucca reinforces its presence in the United States and is studying landing in Australia

30% of its turnover already comes from the United States


Tucca, the brand of Spanish designer beach towels that do not blow away in the wind, will strengthen its presence in the United States this summer and is studying its landing in Australia, as reported by the firm.

Specifically, the brand has been committed since its creation in 2019, by the hand of the entrepreneur Germán Serrano, to grow in the international market, instead of using a strategy of gradual growth from Spain, which has paid off, since currently 30% of its turnover comes from the United States.

In this way, Tucca is already present in the United States in stores in areas of the country such as Southampton, one of the most exclusive beach areas in the state of New York, as well as in coastal areas such as Miami and Los Angeles.

In addition, its towels are currently present in American luxury beauty centers, where the customer is offered a different store experience that combines a haircut, a cocktail and a store experience.

“Growing in such an organic way in the United States has not only served to validate our product, but also to confirm that there are many potential markets in which the beach towel niche is practically untapped,” he acknowledged in statements to Europe. Press the founder of the firm Germán Serrano.

The brand is also currently present in 35 stores around the world, with a presence, among other countries such as France, as well as in Spain, as well as in the Persian Gulf, in addition to having a web store, while studying its landing in New markets.

“Our objective in the medium term would be to enter the Australian market, thus saving the marked seasonality of our product and guaranteeing continuity of sales when winter arrives on our continent”, Serrano has advanced, who has specified that the logistics process and ‘ starting from scratch’ in a new continent is “every challenge”. “But that is the daily bread of entrepreneurship,” he stressed.


Tucca, born from the acronym for ‘Your connection with the sand’, is also committed to sustainability and the environment. Thus, their towels are made of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and with a special construction, which leaves the upper part with a completely smooth texture, while retaining a small curl on the back.

However, what differentiates these beach towels from the rest is that each design incorporates four clips, which allow the towel to be fixed to the sand through the corners, remaining perfectly extended and preventing it from blowing away in the wind.

The firm, which collaborates with different projects to fight against climate change and its impact on the Spanish coasts, presents a collection for this summer that is inspired by four species of coral in danger of extinction such as Danai, Crassa, Florida and Mayeri, that give name to each of these designs.