The Spanish edtech Odilo closes a €60M round to increase its content offering and grow in North America and Africa


The Spanish startup Odilo, which allows schools, universities and companies to create their own learning ecosystems, has raised €60 million in its latest funding round, led by London investor Bregal Milestone. The investment firm Swanlaab and the CDTI (Center for Technological and Industrial Development) have also participated in it.

A new push for a company that, since its creation, has projected an enviable trajectory and that will serve to continue to grow and bring your e-learning library closer to more companies and entities.

Ten years of growth for Odilo

This is not the first round that the edtech has closed, since it had already managed to raise more than 20 million euros in previous rounds. Odilo has proven to be a safe bet, just look at its results and milestones in the ten years it has been active.

Currently the platform has 8,500 customersreaches more than 170 million users and is present in 52 countries (28 more than in 2019), figures that reveal it as one of the fastest growing edtech companies in Europe. This, added to the large amount of multi-format educational content it offers (3.9 million content from more than 6,700 different providers and available in up to 93 languages), has allowed it to grow based on the idea of ​​becoming a “Netflix of The education”.

Contents in Odilo

Now, Odilo is focusing on continuing its expansion and bringing its solution to more countries and companies, specifically seeking strengthen its presence in North America and Africa. Likewise, they will also use the proceeds from the round to increase their content catalog.

The revolution in the education sector

Rodrigo Rodríguez, CEO of Odilo

rodrigo rodriguez, CEO and founder of Odilo, before getting involved in the professional adventure that led to creating this company in 2012, he worked in the cloud computing sector, which allowed him to accumulate knowledge about the technology used by many libraries. It was with the success of the ebook format that Rodríguez began to realize the opportunities that technology offered to libraries and the educational sector in general.

“In the medium term, institutions of all kinds will offer access to digital educational content to their users, employees and students in the same way that they now offer WiFi access«. This prediction was the one that Rodríguez himself confessed to us back in the 2015 in an interviewAnd boy was he right.

In recent years This type of content has reached its peak. And more so since the pandemic, a fact that forced us to bet on them and confirm their usefulness and how necessary they are, not only with regard to education in school stages, but also with regard to personal and professional development. In fact, those who use Odilo to promote learning include educational organizations such as the National University of Valencia, entities such as the Ministry of Education of the Ivory Coast or large companies such as Vodafone.

Democratize education

At the moment, in the Odilo library there are already 3.9 million contents, including 3 million books, in addition to another series of contents such as podcasts, courses and other materials of interest.

The growth of the company will help to continue spreading this knowledge throughout the world, in an attempt to also bring education closer to the people, as Rodrigo Rodríguez affirms. “Our mission is to create equity in education and learning, ensuring that the highest quality digital content is accessible and affordable for everyone. Our latest figures show that we are succeeding and encourage us to continue creating unlimited learning ecosystems for public and private schools, universities, companies and other organizations around the world with the aim of helping their students and employees reach their full potential” .

Image: Odilo

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