The PSOE proposes to the BNG to eliminate the withholding of pensions for returnees in double taxation agreements


The PSOE has offered in Congress to the BNG to promote the elimination of the withholding at source of the pensions of returned emigrants when they pay taxes in Spain within the double taxation agreements.

This is the proposal launched by the main Government party during the debate in the Lower House of a proposal from the Galician nationalists to simplify and streamline these deductions for returned pensioners.

The BNG deputy, Néstor Rego, has lamented that, although the proposal is part of the investiture agreement of President Pedro Sánchez himself, the Executive has vetoed a bill with measures in this regard, when there are situations of discrimination in this group.

For the PSOE, Antonio Hurtado has agreed with this objective, but has pointed out that for this it is necessary to modify these agreements and that the Government’s commitment is to end this withholding at source when they are taxed in Spain.

Despite attracting the support of the PP, United We Can, Citizens, PNV and the Canary Coalition, several of these formations have rejected others contained in the non-law proposal, such as raising the limit to 22,000 euros from which it is necessary to declare pensions with two payers or the automatic recognition of declarations of invalidity or disability, with a harmonization of these criteria.

Javier Bas, from the PP, has criticized that if returned emigrants do not have the obligation to declare there would be discrimination because they are not subject to retentions, and has rejected an automatic recognition of situations of incapacity in the face of more lax legislation.

Inés Cañizares, from Vox, has assured that the Supreme Court denied the approval of these certifications, while Cs has also rejected, through her deputy María Muñoz, that the current limits for cases of double payer are not applied to these pensioners.

For his part, Antón Gómez Reino, from Unidas Podemos, has expressed his confidence that the Government undertakes the necessary reforms for this simplification of deductions and has recalled that the origin of the fiscal problems of these pensioners originate in a change of criteria Treasury in the times of Cristóbal Montoro, the same year, he said, in which the tax amnesty was approved.