The president of Italy accepts Draghi’s resignation and asks him to continue in office

The President of the Republic of Italy, Sergio Mattarella, accepts the resignation of the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, one day after he once again lost the support of his government partners in a new matter of confidence in the Senate. Although this time, Conte’s M5S was not the only one that turned its back on him, but so did his partners on the right, Mateo Salvini’s Legacy and Berlusconi’s Forza Italia. This vote took place hours after the Prime Minister “deposited the ball on the roof” of his partners, he was willing to continue in the Government if the discrepancies between the parties that formed the concentration Executive pact ended. However, once again the discrepancy prevailed in the Senate Chamber in an electoral scenario that draws Giorgia Meloni, of the Fratelli d’Italia as a clear favorite. This party has not been part of the coalition, so in an electoral scenario it may be the only one to criticize the Government’s decisions and grow in voting intentions, which many point to as the justification for the Lega and Forza movement Italy.

The Secretary General of the Italian Presidency, Ugo Zampetti, has indicated in a brief appearance before the press from the Quirinal Palace that Mattarella has received Draghi early in the day and has “taken note” of his resignation, the second in a week. Thus, he explained that “the Government remains in office to manage current affairs” until a new Executive is formed. This morning, Draghi transferred the senators who he was on his way to the Quirinal to speak with the president, but not before meeting with the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Roberto Fico, and the president of the Senate, Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati. In addition, she has received a strong applause from the senators, which he has thanked. “Bankers also have hearts,” she pointed out.

Italy today decided to hold early general elections on September 25 as a solution to the government crisis. The President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarela, himself announced his decision to dissolve Parliament, elected in March 2018, and terminate the legislature eight months ahead of schedule. “This is always the last election, particularly if, as in this period, before Parliament there are important duties to fulfill in the interest of our countrybut the political situation has led me to it,” he said with a serious tone, almost a faint reprimand.

Conte regrets the attacks against the formation

For his part, the former prime minister and president of the 5-Star Movement, Giuseppe Conte, lamented that the formation “always has to play defense because many political forces attack our measures.” “We take responsibility for our actions. (…) Yesterday we considered that it was better to remove what bothered instead of voting against“, he stated during an assembly attended by the party’s deputies. In this sense, he indicated that are looking for “external support” and has clarified that there have been conversations in this direction. However, he has clarified that “then, Draghi intervened in the camera and everything went to hell. It was the center-right that broke everything”, he said. Conte has asserted that “they want all the deputies of the 5 Star Movement out”, while the party only “asks for respect”. “We make real requests, we ask for a confrontation, but it was the prime minister who did not defend us,” he stressed. For him, the decision not to support Draghi was “almost mandatory” due to the “lack of answers”.

“There was no mention of precariousness, or the minimum wage,” he insisted during a meeting that It has lasted about an hour. The leader of the far-right La Liga party and former Italian Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, has summoned his team to address economic issues, although he also plans to meet with parliamentarians and members of the government. “After the chaos unleashed by the 5-Star Movement (…) there are energy emergencies and other issues such as pensions, taxes and European funds”, he maintained. The leader of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, and one of the main defenders of Draghi’s continuity, stressed that “those who did not vote for confidence in Draghi yesterday, today they cannot applaud him”. Thus, he warned that “yesterday’s actions will have serious consequences in the elections” given that “the Italians will choose based on what happened yesterday”.

Second resignation in a week

The first resignation submitted a week ago now was rejected by Mattarella, which invited Draghi to meet with the different parliamentary groups and members of the Government in order to obtain new support and avoid a new political crisis in Italy. However, on Wednesday night the country revived a situation similar to that of the previous week, when Draghi he carried out a vital vote for his government, although his ally 5 Star Movement did not attend the meeting. Since then, the Government has been crumbling until the senators have withdrawn their support for Draghi, who had made the support of the chamber a condition to continue as head of the Executive. His government partners have been absent again. The head of the Italian Government had shown himself willing to continue to lead his duties as long as the disputes within the of the government coalition. “A firm and cohesive government is necessary,” she said.