The plant with beautiful bicolor flowers that helps you sleep better

The cayenne flower or China rose is one of the most beautiful and original flowers that we can have at home. It is a plant of tropical origin but with certain care it can look wonderful in any corner of our home. In addition to being pretty, its flowers can also be used for medicinal purposes to make infusions and to season some dishes and recipes. Its flowers have a very short life but the good thing is that this silver is giving flowers continuously. we are going to tell you how to grow cayenne flowers at home and the care that this plant needs. If you spend a little time, you will have a houseplant beautiful in a few months.

How to plant Cayenne flowers at home

The best time to plant cayenne flowers is spring. You need a pot with good drainage and a substrate that prevents the accumulation of water in the roots so that the plant does not rot.

The flowers of the cayenne can be of various colors.

You can plant it through seeds or cuttings. If you opt for seeds, you must place the seed in the ground and water abundantly. During the first days you must be careful that the soil does not dry out and fertilize it with a good fertilizer.

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If you choose to plant a cutting, you should cover it with plastic to maintain a high temperature and prevent the cutting from dehydrating. The soil should always be moist but not waterlogged.

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The best place to put a cayenne flower

These plants are very versatile and can be placed in any corner of the house. It is best to place them in a place with good light and warm. These flowers really like the heat so in summer you can take them out to the terrace or balcony but in winter you must protect them from low temperatures.

Cayenne flowers can also be yellow.

What care does the cayenne flower need?


Cayenne needs light to develop so you should place it in a sunny place in the house.

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How to water the cayenne flower

The cayenne flower you need to have the substrate always moist but not waterlogged. You should water it twice a week in the warmer emses and space the watering a little in the cold months.

Cayenne Flower Pests

Ants, aphids and caterpillars are some of the main enemies of the cayenne flower, so you should pay special attention if you see that it is being attacked.

An infusion of its leaves can help you sleep better.

How Does Cayenne Flower Help You Sleep?

This beautiful flower also has medical uses. An infusion of its flowers can help you fall asleep better. It’s an easy to do. You must put a saucepan on the fire with half a liter of water and when it starts to boil add three cayenne flowers. Then remove from the heat, cover the saucepan and let it rest for 15 minutes. Then strain the mixture and you will have the infusion ready.