The perfect bush to plant at home and perfume your entire home naturally

Summer is a good time to rethink your first steps in gardening. Today we are going to talk to you about a plant that will be perfect in any corner of your home and that, in addition, will perfume the whole house with a delicate fresh aroma. It’s about the Andromeda. Yes, although it sounds like a galaxy, the Andromeda or Pieris Japonica is also a plant which is characterized by beautiful bell-shaped flowers that will be beautiful in your home. We are going to tell you more details about how to plant an andromeda at home and the care that this plant needs to grow strong and healthy.

How to plant an Andromeda at home

The Andromeda It is an evergreen shrub that does not grow too tall, making it ideal for growing as a houseplant. It blooms just in early spring.

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For plant this bush and that it blooms quickly in your house, the most advisable thing is to plant a root ball directly, since the seeds would take much longer. Also, rainy days are perfect for planting them. Take the root ball and put it in a container with rainwater until the air bubbles that form during immersion disappear. Then take it out and gently untangle the roots.

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In a deep pot dig a hole about three times as big as your root ball and quite deep. Mix the soil that you have removed from the hole with heather soil and put a little in the bottom of the hole. Then put the plant in the hole and cover with the rest of the soil that you have prepared. Press the soil a little with your hands so that it is firm and water abundantly.

Care that the Andromeda needs

Once you have in the pot the andromeda plant You should water it a lot, especially at the beginning. Later, when it begins to develop, it will resist drought better and you will be able to space out the watering.

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Is it good to have plants in the bedroom?

The best place in the house to put the Andromeda plant

The Andromeda can develop if it is exposed to the sun directly and also in semi-shaded areas. It resists well to cold although it is more sensitive to excessive heat. So put it in a place near the window, where it receives sunlight for a good part of the day.

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How to water the Andromeda

It is convenient water the andromeda plant frequently and taking care that the soil is always a little moist. Ideally, water it with rainwater whenever possible.

The Andromeda is a plant with a pleasant aroma and beautiful flowers.

Other care that Pieris Japonica needs

The Pieris Japonica it also needs to be fertilized once a year, preferably in the fall. Also, it is advisable to prune its leaves slightly after flowering. Is a fairly disease resistant plant and pests, although special care must be taken with mealybugs and aphids that can attack it.