The PC Components marketplace grew by 40% in 2021 and doubled its number of sellers


The PC Components marketplace reached 470,000 orders in 2021, increasing its GMV (Gross Merchandise Value) 40% compared to the previous year. In addition, during 2021 the marketplace doubled the number of third-party sellers on your platform. The company disclosed this data during the presentation of the first edition of the PcComponentes Marketplace Awards, broadcast exclusively through the Twitch, Youtube and Linkedin channels of Marketing4eCommerce.

Twice as many sellers and an average rating of 4.7 stars

Surely you know and have bought an item on the website of PC Componentsthe main pure player of Spanish eCommerce. Although it is a business model originally focused on computing, its evolution has led it to expand its catalog to all kinds of technology. Furthermore, in 2018 the brand created his own marketplace and little by little it was incorporating new verticals within its offer, which currently includes different products and services.

During the celebration of PcComponentes Marketplace Awardsin which the company recognized top third-party sellers on its platform, also announced the results of your marketplace in 2021 hand in hand with its eCommerce Manager, David Morales, who highlighted the following achievements:

GMV (Gross Merchandise Value) €81.5M: This magnitude refers to the entire volume of business that has passed through the marketplace, which has experienced a growth of 40% compared to 2020, reaching 470,000 unique orders. “This is a very good result, considering that the year 2020 was very good in online sales due to the pandemic,” Morales clarified.
The number of vendors doubled of the marketplace: from 150 in 2020 they became 300 in 2021. In addition, the marketplace received more than 45,000 user ratings, with an average of 4.7 stars out of 5. In this sense, Morales explained that they continue to be a marketplace “especially demanding in terms of entry criteria to be able to sell, which is attractive for sellers because it guarantees them that they will compete on equal terms with top-level sellers.
The average basket was €175: in 2020 it had been between €115 and €120.

As for the top 5 best selling categories of 2020 we find peripherals, components, smartphones, home appliances and computers. The sector that registered the highest growth was that of small and large household appliances, and one of the ones that had the best performance was that of smartphones.

Launch of Unilae, a marketplace to compete with the heavyweights

By 2022, PC Components saves ambitious goals, although they are aware that the larger a company, the lower the percentage of growth each year. Speaking of specific numbers, the main goals of the marketplace are:

Reaching 100 million euros from GMV (23% more than in 2021). “It is an ambitious goal, but we believe that we are on the road,” Morales assured.
Exceed 500,000 unique orders.
Improve the performance of refurbished products, especially to contribute to the circular economy and environmental responsibility. “We are giving a lot of impetus to this type of product on the web and it is an excellent opportunity for sellers to get that stock of product returns that is still in good condition,” they pointed out from the company.
Increase competitiveness in other categoriessuch as televisions and the brown range, which is a category that usually works very well in the marketplace (between the top 10 and top 15 sales), although it has a lot of room for improvement.

Beyond these objectives, the main challenge facing the company for 2022 is the unilae Launch, a much more ambitious marketplace, with expansion of categories beyond electronics and computing, which hopes to compete with the heavyweights of online sales. The idea is that the current PC Components marketplace remains active, with vertical expansion, and that Unilae becomes a new, more general alternative for sellers who are already in the marketplace (they were invited to participate in it at no additional cost) and for all those sellers who specialize in other categories.

As explained to us by the David Morales in a recent interview: «Unilae was born to sell this and everything else, some examples of category are: sports, garden, DIY, decoration, cosmetics… Little by little the catalog will be expanded. Unilae was born with the aim of satisfying two types of customers: PcComponentes customers with other consumption needs and customers that we have not yet been able to attract. We have a great technology team and adapting the multichannel platform is a great challenge that they have been able to overcome. We can contribute in terms of catalog and operations, being a marketplace we can accelerate intensity. It is a great project.”

PC Components Marketplace Awards

One of the most outstanding actions of the company was the celebration of the first PC Components Marketplace Awards, who awarded the partner and vendor best practices of the platform. The event was held online and included the presentation of the Director of Marketing4ecommerce, Ruben Cane.

Three categories were awarded:

Biggest Grow: is based on the growth of the year 2021 with respect to 2020
Quality and Service: It was received by the store with the best quality of service offered in 2021.
bestseller: the best store that has fulfilled growth, customer care and the best quality of service, surpassing the statistics of all the others.

Would you like to know who the nominees and winners were? 👉 Here we tell you all the details.

If you want to relive the moment, you can take a look at delivery video:

Photo: PcComponents.

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