The new professions in the digital sector, with KSchool and Marketing4eCommerce Academy (#M4CWebinar)


After a dissipated summer, the arrival of more convulsive times is expected, in which the world economy will begin to notice negative effects derived from these. Although, of course, this will affect some sectors to a greater extent than others and, luckily, data provides a certain security to the digital sector. It is estimated that both at the contracting level and in the macro projections, good levels will be maintained.

Likewise, digital talent will be needed more than ever due to the evolution and constant growth of the sector in this era of maximum and accelerated development. And precisely because of this need for talent and the new positions that the digital sector is demanding and will demand we will chat during our next Webinar on Tuesday, September 13 at 6:30 p.m..

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KSchool and M4C Academy meet to talk about the new professions in the digital sector

Content, analytics, digital business… There are more and more areas that are growing and that require professionals with more specialized skills. The digital ecosystem is increasingly complex and its branches extend in multiple directions. Y, To better understand these new perspectives, we are fortunate to have KSchool and Marketing4eCommerce Academy.. The moderator of the session will be our director Ruben Cane and the representatives of these two key players in the sector will be:

Alexander Doncel: CEO at KSchool
Adrian Aira: Project Leader of Marketing4eCommerce Academy
Paul Renaud: Academic Director of Marketing4eCommerce Academy

But this does not end here, since attendees can enjoy discounts and benefits… And I can read up to here, if you want to know more you will have to come to discover them all. And remember, to avoid bad luck on Tuesday the 13th: avoid black cats, go under stairs and sign up for our Webinar! 😉

I’m in!

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