The multipurpose mop with which you will save time and effort in cleaning the house

The closet for the cleaning It is usually full of different products and gadgets for each of the parts of the house. Although it is true that some areas need specific cleaners (such as the ceramic hob, for example), many others can be easily cleaned with a single product. One of the most versatile products for simply and quickly cleaning various areas of the home is the multipurpose mop. In addition to saving effort when cleaning, this mop will also allow you to save space at home since in a single structure you can exchange different brushes and heads depending on the surface you want to clean at any given time. If you still do not have it at home, we are going to tell you where you can buy it and the easiest way to use it.

Mop to clean tiles

In principle, mops are usually used mainly to clean floors of both park What ceramics. However, there are also some mops that can be used to make your tiles in your bathroom or kitchen. And in addition, with them you will be able to access the most complicated corners and edges to clean up. They are also perfect for irregular and hard-to-reach areas such as surroundings of the toilet or the sink.

The mop is used for much more than cleaning delicate floors. pixabay

Attaching the proper head will also allow you to clean the bathroom screen or from the shower and even terrace glass.

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The multipurpose mop the one we are talking about has several interchangeable heads of different textures, sizes and shapes to adapt to the surfaces you want to clean at all times. One of the heads has an arrow shape, ideal for reaching the most hidden corners. The mop also has an extension pole to clean high areas. It also has a non-slip handle that will make cleaning easier.

A multi-purpose mop will allow you to save on different cleaning products. pixabay

With this single product, and by exchanging the different heads, you can clean everything from the bathroom tiles to the parquet in the living room or the ceramic floor in the kitchen. In addition to trapping dust, if you combine it with specific cleaning products (such as a polish for tiles) you will achieve a very professional effect.

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This multipurpose mop can be purchased on Amazon or in large stores and costs just over 25 euros (with all accessories included). In addition, there are also spare parts for the different heads for sale to replace them when they wear out without having to buy a new mop .