The most sought after Lidl air purifier for its low price

Before the arrival of covid they were not so well known, but now it is very common to see them in establishments and offices. Air purifiers are a highly demanded ally in these times, since they get let’s breathe an air free of substances harmful. The only problem is that they tend to have high prices. For this reason, Lidl has launched a low cost version of this product for 59.99 euros. It is already considered one of the top items on the Lidl website.

The Silvercrest air purifier measures 21 x 29.5 x 21 centimeters and has a power of 30W, which is necessary to purify a room in the house such as a living room.

Lidl air purifier | Lidl’s flagship product for its value for money LIDL Spain

How does it work?

This product has three interchangeable filters with an ion generator to better trap dust from the environment. The first filter is responsible for eliminating the largest particles, then applies the hepa filter (mold, dust, mites, pet dander) and finally the active carbon.

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It has four ventilation modes (auto, high, slow and speed) and a sleep timer. In this way we can leave it on for one, two, four or eight hours uninterrupted and then it will turn itself off.

All these functions are carried out from a screen with LED technology located in the upper part, in it we will be able to regulate and visualize at all times the quality of the air that is breathed, the latter will be done through a color code, being red very bad, orange medium and green good.

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Manufactured by the Silvercrest company, the Lidl purifier is easy to transport, since it only weighs 2.34 kilos. It does not have a battery to work autonomously, it is plugged in

to the current This product is one of the most demanded due to its quality-price ratio, something that means that it can be sold out in a very short time and that can be obtained through the Lidl website, although as of this Thursday it will be available in stores.