The most common dangers of home alarms

Ensuring the safety of your home and your family members is key to enjoying a more comfortable and happy life. And in this sense, the installation of a home alarm can offer you extra peace of mind, something that is not guaranteed with home alarms.

Given the growing number of break-ins and break-ins in homes and businesses, Placing different security elements is essential to deter these criminals.

To protect these spaces, it is increasingly common see how they bet on home alarms with the aim of safeguarding spaces and save investment in specialized products. A decision that, without a doubt, can lead to a series of dangers that have a negative impact on your safety.

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Why installing a home alarm is a bad idea?

Beyond trying to save costs, installing a home alarm does not provide any type of benefit for those who decide to incorporate them into their home and/or company. In fact, the most common is that these do not work correctly and carry a series of risks.

Among the different reasons that must make you lost the idea of ​​​​putting a homemade alarm to protect your assets and loved ones are:

human faults

Most likely before the installation of a homemade alarm is that it is activated for no reason. That is, it gives a false alarm due to a bad configuration.

Not being specialists in this type of product, andIt is very easy to make a mistake and that the configuration is not adequate. For example, when connecting the detectors, and that they do not activate when you play. Or in the case of having a pet at home, that the alarms are activated if they play, for example.

Another common mistake is not taking into account that windows and doors may be loose or closed incorrectly. And it is that, in these situations, if a movement is produced by the air or any other external element, it is very likely that the alarm will go off. Giving another false alarm and, in turn, a new scare.

low quality materials

If you bet on the cheapest home alarms and on your own installation to save money, the most normal thing is that the useful life of the alarms is very short.

Beyond the reliability of the materials and the fact that they may fail to activate, the battery of these alarms usually fails a lot and runs out soon. In this way, if you are not aware of it and you are very aware, it may be the case that the alarm is no longer working and you have not even noticed it.

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Installation of incompatible security elements

If, in addition to home alarms, you decide to place other elements such as security cameras, motion detectors… there may be malfunctions if they are not placed in the relevant areas. For example, if a camera is close to a motion detector it may cause electromagnetic interference that condition the operation of both. So it will be a wasted investment.

This is another reason why it is important to have a professional analyze the different spaces to be protected and determine where to place each material. Thieves are usually professionals who study their income and who know and analyze the different security systems.

The installation of home alarms is an easy target for these intruders, since they are aware of their limitations and have the necessary resources to manipulate them and avoid detection. That is why, if you want to protect your loved ones from robbery attempts, this will not be the best idea.

They are not connected to a CRA or the Police

The alarms and specialized security systems are connected to an Alarm Receiving Center and/or to the Police so that, in the event of a dangerous situation, give immediate notice and carry out the appropriate maneuvers to guarantee the safety of any space.

In the case of home alarms there is this lack of protection. With home systems, it will be you as the owner who has to notify the authorities in case of intrusion. Something that in many cases will not give you time to do, or to do it, it may be too late by the time the Police arrive.

After knowing all the risks involved in installing a home alarm, The best option to protect yourself will always be to contact expert professionals in security matters. Not only will you get the best quality materials and with the best possible technology, but you will also have a customization adapted to your space.

Protecting your home and/or business is much easier than it seems. Get in touch with specialists in the sector and get the best products without involving a high investment in time and money.