The Lidl blind that will help you fight the heat wave for less than 15 euros

With the arrival of high temperatures we do not get tired of looking for solutions to treat coolers in our house. The most conventional solutions are to buy a fan or an air conditioner, open the windows so that the air cools the environment or even place some plants such as aloe vera or ficus, which help you maintain a more comfortable temperature.

But without a doubt another important point to not roast yourself in the heat in your house is the insulation and the blinds. Yes, there are blinds that can help you maintain the interior temperature and that you can easily place in your home.

It is the case of Lidl’s most wanted blinds. Pleated thermal blinds with a heat and cold resistant coating that will help you regulate the room temperature. They are easily installed with adjustable fixing brackets for frames up to about 25 mm thick. You can also adapt its width to your window since it can be cut to size with a maximum of 12 centimeters. So you can take it off and put it on whenever you want.

The most wanted Lidl shutters LIDL

But not only will they serve to better isolate some room in your house, but they will also offer you visual protection against prying eyes. If you opt for this blind for your home, you can choose it in white or gray and it comes in different sizes: 80×130 cm, 100×130 and 60×130. It does not matter which size you choose because they all have the same price: €14.99.