The infallible tricks to clean the microwave and leave it sparkling

The microwave It’s one of the home appliances What do we use the most in our daily lives? Since it is usually used regularly and very high temperatures are reached in it, gets dirty easily.

If you have ever wondered how to remove the grease stains and food splashes hard to cleanthen we tell you a series of cleaning tricksalso known as “grandma’s advice“, so that the microwave looks shiny in a simple and fast way.

An natural and very effective remedy is done with a lemon, which has to be cut in half. Then, both pieces are placed face down on a plate with a little water and placed in the microwave. We put it at maximum power for 1 minute or until the inside of the device is misted with the steam that is generated.

Once the windows have fogged up, the door is opened, the container is removed and the a cloth or kitchen towel all over the inside for remove all dirt. The microwave will be shiny and also, thanks to the lemon, it will be flavored and fresh in a natural way.

The infallible tricks to clean the microwave and leave it sparkling

Another of the products with which, perhaps, you had never thought to clean this appliance is the liquid dishwashing soap. However, this item is perfect for cleaning. To do this, you have to fill a bowl with warm water and squirt this soap.

The bowl is then placed in the appliance and you have to heat it at maximum power for a minute. Next, the container is carefully removed and all the steam generated is cleaned with a damp sponge. Similarly, you can add to this mixture a pinch of sodium bicarbonate to act as an air freshener.

How to clean the microwave with lemon in a minute

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Remember that periodically you can find in our decoration section cleaning tricks that aim to improve your quality of life. You don’t have to spend a lot of time with the cloth in your hand and you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Rather the contrary, there homemade solutions that give better results. If you know how to clean everything it will be easier. you will save a lot of money and you will also get more free time, that everything matters and everything adds up.

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