The indoor plant that attracts good luck and that looks great in any corner

The money plant either Plectranthus verticillatus is one of the pots that were not usually missing in the house of our grandmothers. The fact is that they did not get rich with this houseplant but they did look great on the terrace. So we are going to tell you all the secrets of this vegetable with such a suggestive name and money plant care so that it grows shiny and healthy in your house. Of course, legend has it that it is not worth it if you buy it. Someone has to give it to you. If none of your friends are up for it, start the wheel yourself and hope that someone will return the favor in the form of a beautiful plant. We’ll see if the money comes later.

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money plant care

The care of the money plant They are very easy to do and they will not be a big problem even if you are not an expert gardener. For this reason, if you only dedicate a minimum of time to it, you will have floors of money for a long time at home. We will detail the care you need.

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How to water the money plant

The money plant doesn’t need a lot of water. It is enough with water it once a week. Of course, you must take care that the substrate is always moist but you must also check that the roots do not get waterlogged. If you take advantage of rainwater to irrigate it, even better.

The best light for the money plant

The money plant likes sunlight. but it is not good to receive it directly as it could damage it. It is best to place the pot in a fairly bright place in the house but with indirect light.

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The 5 indoor plants that need little light

The ideal temperature for the money plant

This plant does not like cold climates very much, so you should protect it from low temperatures and place it in a warm place in the house but away from drafts.

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Do you need manure or fertilizers?

For the money plant to grow healthy and strong, it is convenient that from time to time you put a little fertilizer on it. She herself will ask for it her way. If you see that her leaves begin to turn yellow and withered, it is time to add a few drops of fertilizer. She will soon regain the lustrous green she had before.

Money plant care is very simple to do. pexels

How to transplant the money plant to another pot

If your money plant is already very large and needs a new pot, you can take advantage of the moment of transplant it to create another new plant and give it to someone. This process is very simple. You just have to take a branch of the plant and put it in a glass of water. Let a few days pass and you will see how roots grow. At that time you should transplant it into a pot. Water it carefully at first and when you see that it is starting to grow, it will be ready for the gift. Meanwhile, the rest of the plant will continue to develop better in a larger pot.