The Ibervalles socimi will debut on BME Growth on July 27 with a valuation of 148 million euros

It expects to grow to 440 million euros in the value of its portfolio


The Market and Incorporations Coordination Committee of Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (BME) has given its approval to the incorporation of the socimi Ibervalles to the trading segment of BME Growth, which will debut on July 27 at a price of 5.55 euros, which represents a valuation of 148 million euros.

This is the ninth company and the third SOCIMI to register a BME Growth incorporation document so far this year. Its trading code will be ‘YIBV’ and the company’s registered advisor will be Renta 4 Corporate, while Renta 4 Banco will act as liquidity provider.

Ibervalles’ strategy, as stated in this incorporation document, aims to achieve a quality real estate portfolio in the medium and long term for a gross value of 440 million euros.

This will allow it to generate an adequate return for shareholders by maximizing the profitability of the exit, which will be achieved through active management and repositioning of the properties, which must have attractive locations, dimensions and qualities for the market.

He currently owns 15 properties, located in Spain (14 of them) and Portugal, mainly offices that he later rents to companies that want to carry out their activity in them. The properties located in Spain are mostly in the Autonomous Community of Madrid (9), followed by Castilla y León (4) and the Balearic Islands (1), while that of Portugal is in Lisbon.

The total gross leasable area is 65,733 square meters and the market value of the real estate portfolio is 208 million euros. Considering additionally the unbuilt land owned by Ibervalles, the total area of ​​the portfolio is 255,191 square meters, with a value of 213 million euros.

The company has a 22% stake in the reverse Socimi Prima, valued at €23 million, and a 2.33% stake in Árima Real Estate, valued at another €6.3 million. In 2021, it entered 5.8 million and made a profit of 11 million thanks to the variation in the value of its assets.

Its president is Enrique Isidro and the CEO is José Miguel Isidro, who is, in turn, the company’s largest shareholder, with a total stake of 14.5%.