The Hort del Gat exacerbates its abandonment: two arrested for trying to steal

The Hort del Gat is back on the target of the acts of vandalism in Elchean abandoned property in the heart of the Palm Grove that is also being used as a shelter for the homeless, while the Generalitat is looking for a company to rehabilitate it and transform it into a Casal Fester. local police recently arrested two people that they tried to steal in the rundown building of the historic Palmeral, which housed the Phoenix station dedicated to research on palm trees in vitro.

The agents, while carrying out surveillance functions along the Camí del Gat, heard noises from inside the building and observed, through a fractured window, the allegedly implicated breaking the interior of the building to extract the electrical cable as well as some plates nailed to the the roof, according to a municipal statement.

The police crew agreed to the old station to speak with the two men, who stated that they had permission to take anything they wanted and spend the night inside. In addition, they acknowledged having taken the engine of a washing machine and various scrap metal.

The agents informed them that they could not be in the building, so they were issued a certificate to Law 4/15 for occupation. In the same way, both involved were taken to police stations for identification for allegedly committing a minor crime of theft and they seized some pliers and pliers.

The Hort del Gat is not free from vandalism

The Ministry of Culture has started the process to rehabilitate the ill-fated Hort del Gat, a historic palm orchard nestled in an area protected by Unesco, and convert it into a Casal Fester for festive and cultural associations of the city. Four years after the Minister Vicent Marzà promised its recovery during a visit to the stately mansion, owned by the City Council, the regional administration has managed to put the works out to tender for almost one million euros.

The reform of this degraded property closed tight and tight since 2012 and used as a refuge for the homeless will be produced by the same department that has promoted the Law of the Palm Grove. A regulation that defends in one of its articles that the buildings located in the orchards inscribed on the World Heritage list will be destined to promote the activities of the Palm Grove and that it states at the same time that in these places agricultural, livestock and social and cultural that does not harm agricultural and livestock activity.

Culture tenders after four years the work to transform the historic garden of Gat into a Casal Fester

Culture tenders after four years the work to transform the historic garden of Gat into a Casal Fester

Hence, Volem Palmerar and experts who even participated in the drafting of the law have raised their voices in recent months because they interpret that this project contravenes the regional regulations with which they try to preserve the values ​​of the Palmeral. Faced with this, Urbanism, responsible for preparing the project’s rehabilitation project, defended months ago that the Palmeral Law will be respected and promised to respect the “essential values ​​of the property as an architectural mansion” and not to “touch” any palm tree.