The gesture that allows you to save up to 20 euros on the electricity bill in summer

With summer and heat waves the fired energy expenditure from many homes. The use of air conditioning and fans to cool houses is the main cause of this rise in electricity bills. However, if you follow a few simple recommendations you will make your home fresh without going bankrupt.

Fan or air conditioning, what is the best way to cool your apartment?

Keep the cool floor during summer it is an arduous task in some cases. If you live in a warm place and your home is not well insulated, you will have to consume a lot of energy to achieve a cool environment at home. If you are wondering what is the best way to refresh your home and you don’t know whether to opt for a fan or by air conditioner You must take into account several factors such as the budget you have or the particular conditions of your home.

The air-conditioning it is the fastest and most effective method to cool a cabin but also the most expensive. Fans, for their part, are cheaper both at the time of purchase and in the energy consumption they generate. However, its cooling effect is much reduced.

Fan or air conditioning, which consumes more light?

How to save when putting the air conditioning in the house

If you have chosen to put the air conditioning to cool your house but you do not want to go bankrupt on the next electricity bill, we suggest a simple gesture to save up to 20 euros on the energy bill. It is about insulating your house conveniently. It is very important that you have doors and windows that well isolate the interior of your home from the outside. If you don’t have a good insulation system, much of the energy you consume to cool the house will literally go out the window.

An air conditioning control Jesús Hellín – Europa Press

Insulate the house conveniently

Improving the insulation of your home will mean a significant initial outlay but in the long run it will allow you save month by month on the electricity bill. Over time, the savings you will achieve will have exceeded the initial investment.

A good insulation in the windows helps to keep the heat out. Shutterstock

Other tips to save on the electricity bill in summer

In addition to have the house well insulatedif you want save on the electricity bill you should get used to using the eco mode of your air conditioner. In addition, you can also save if you control the hours at which you turn on the air conditioning. On days with very hot forecast you can activate it first thing in the morning. In this way you will ensure that the house is already cool before the main hours of heat. It is also important that you configure your device so that turn off at night. If you also have a fan, turn it on to help move cool air throughout the house.