The former Japanese prime minister, in cardiorespiratory arrest after being shot

Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe suffered a cardiorespiratory arrest after be hit with shotgun blasts during an electoral act this Friday, local authorities reported today. abe went transferred by ambulance and later by helicopter after the incident and the health services they are trying to get her vital signs backaccording to the police and health services of the city of Nara (western Japan), where the attack took place.

Hours later, the Japanese police identified Yamagami Tetsuya, a man 41-year-old unemployed former member of the Maritime Self-Defense Forces (Japanese Army), as the alleged aggressor. Hailing from the city of Nara, in western Japan, he was arrested for attempted murder while he was holding a gun with which he would have shot on two occasions to the former Japanese president. According to sources from the Japanese Ministry of Defense, the alleged aggressor worked in the naval branch of the Self-Defense Forces, in charge of defending the archipelago, for three years until 2005.

It is believed that the Former Japanese president was shot with a shotgun by back while offering a campaign speech on the street near a train station in the aforementioned town, according to local police, who have arrested a man as the alleged perpetrator of the attack. Eyewitnesses to the attack affirm that two shots were heard at the scene and that Abe then collapsed to the ground, according to the state network NHK, while some citizens captured and uploaded to social networks images of the politician being treated on the land.

Health services are transferring the former prime minister to a hospital in the city of Kashihara, south of Nara, to try to save his life. The incident occurred around 11:30 local time this Friday (2:30 GMT) and in the presence of numerous citizens who were attending the campaign event or were walking near the Yamato-Saidaiji station.

abe stepped down as prime minister for health reasons in September 2020, after becoming the longest-serving Japanese politician in office. The conservative leader was today at a campaign event for the partial elections to the Upper House of the Diet (Parliament of Japan) that are held this Sunday, in which the Liberal Democratic Party (PLD) of Abe and the current prime minister , Fumio Kishida, hopes to revalidate his vast majority.

Election rallies are usually held in Japan in the middle of the street and with few security measures, due to the low rate of crime and attacks with firearms typical of the Asian country.