The European stock markets start the week with losses: the Ibex plays the 8,000

European stocks start the week with losses after a week of relief amid concerns about the risk of a recession. The Ibex 35 is among the least affected among the indices of the Old Continent with a fall of 0.9%. The main Spanish index is playing at the 8,000 point level with almost all values ​​in red. After the first minutes of trading, only the electric ones are released, with Solaria Y Electric Network in the lead with a rise of 1% each. On the contrary, ArcelorMittalwhich falls more than 4%, and Acerinox, loses 3.4%, are the values ​​most affected. Also, IAG it also falls more than 3%.

The rest of European squares fall more strongly. The Paris CAC is the most affected index with a decline of 1.5%, closely followed by the German Dax. London and Milan fall close to one percentage point. Sales expand in Europe amid concern about the closure of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline, which transports Russian gas to Germany, for its annual maintenance. Flows are expected to stop for ten days, but governments, markets and businesses fear the closure will be prolonged due to the war in Ukraine. Last month, Russia already cut flows to 40% of the pipeline’s full capacity, citing the delay in returning equipment that was being repaired and bogged down by sanctions in Canada.

Meanwhile, it also influences the mood of investors andThe rebound in Covid-19 cases in China, especially in Shanghai, which makes “all the alarms go off”, warns Juan J. Fdez-Figares, an analyst at Link Securities, in a country that continues to bet on the Covid-zero policy, which may end up passing a “hard bill” to the country, both in the economic and social spheres. In addition, the week will be marked by the inflation data in the US and the first results of the second quarter.

The commodity prices continue to fall, including oil after the setbacks during the past week due to the fear of an economic slowdown that would weigh down the demand for black gold. The barrel of Brent, the reference in Europe, is trading at 105 dollars and the WTI, which is followed in the US, falls to 103 dollars.

European fixed income trades in the opposite direction, with rebound in bond prices and, therefore, fall in yields. The interest of the Spanish debt to 10 years is listed below 2.4% and the German ‘bund’ at 1.3%. Thus, the Spanish risk premium fell to 107.5 basis points. In addition, the euro is trading closer to parity with the dollar and in the early hours of the European session it falls to 1,013 dollars.