The detainee for the death of his mother in Asturias is released

The man arrested for the death of his mother after a fall at the family home in Grado (Asturias) has been released this morning after the titular magistrate of the Court of First Instance and instruction number 2 of Grado did not find any evidence that was directly related to the event. However, the proceedings are still open pending receipt of the full forensic report (so far there has been progress) as well as other evidence that the agents may collect.

From the proceedings carried out so far and the testimony of the detainee, AMR, the magistrate has not found sufficient circumstantial evidence to impose precautionary measures. However, the proceedings are still open in order to definitively determine the cause of the death of Alicia Rodríguez Blanco, 69 years old.

Your son was arrested after the doctor who came to the home did not want to certify a death due to natural causesl by keeping other possibilities open. Apparently, the fall that caused him a blow occurred after an argument. However, the progress of the forensic report after the autopsy has not been able to clarify whether that fall was due to natural causes, since the woman suffered from health problems, or her son intervened in some way, who has now been released despite the fact that the investigation continues. The events occurred on Monday night in a house on the El Cabo crossing, in Grado.