The best ideas to customize the Ikea Billy shelf and create a unique and exclusive piece of furniture

exclusivity at price low cost. This is the dream of many “wannabe decorators” who want furnish your house as if it were a luxury villa but at very low prices. However, this dream can become reality. The key is in the imagination and creativity of each one. Well, and also in the dozens of internet pages that show you how to turn a basic ikea piece of furniture into a unique work of art and exclusive. The Ikea hackers they are true experts in the field and can become your decorative mentors.

Today we are going to give you several ideas to customize one of the best-selling pieces of furniture from the Swedish multinational: the billy bookcase.

Billy bookcase, one of Ikea’s great successes

The Billy bookcase is one of the best-selling pieces of furniture in Ikea. Since its launch in 1979, the Swedish firm claims that it sells one of these pieces of furniture every 5 seconds. The keys to its success are several. This bookcase is a timeless and very versatile piece of furniture, so it can be used to decorate any room in our home. In addition, it is very easy to customize.

Ikea hackers are capable of turning basic furniture into unique and unrepeatable objects. IKEA

How to customize Ikea’s Billy bookcase

The ideas to customize the legendary Ikea Billy bookcase they are infinite. Not surprisingly, it is one of the 10 best-selling pieces of furniture by the brand and it is rare to find a house in which there is not one of these shelves. However, many are not satisfied with putting it in the living room or office and placing books on it. Some use the functional and basic design of this piece of furniture to give free rein to their imagination and create a unique and personal piece of furniture.

The new Ikea shelves are perfect: beautiful and cheap

shoes instead of books

Ikea designed this shelf as a piece of furniture to put books on. However, there are now many who opt for digital reading and think that paper volumes only serve to collect dust. For them, a good idea is turn the Billy bookcase into a custom shoe rack.

The Billy shelf can hold anything from books to shoes to kitchenware. IKEA

It is enough to add some vertical wood to each of its shelves as a separator. You can place them to the exact size of the shoes you are going to store in that hole. You can too divide the spaces between shelf and shelf depending on whether you are going to store high boots or flip flops. A good idea is to use the lower shelves for tall boots and leave the upper ones for smaller shoes.

Ikea's most popular shelves can be placed (almost) anywhere

Ikea’s most popular shelves can be placed (almost) anywhere

Create your own Billy Greenhouse

Using plants as decoration is a trend. Convert the Billy bookcase into a greenhouse It can be a great idea to combine nature and design in your home. Some experts in converting Ikea furniture propose creating different spaces within each shelf by adding horizontal and vertical wood and creating “custom” holes for each of your pots. Some choose to paint each of those holes in different shades of green to give the final result a more personal touch.

The new Ikea showcase that everyone wants to have at home

The new Ikea showcase that everyone wants to have at home

Billy shelf integrated into your wall

From time to time, Ikea launches special editions of its legendary shelf in different colors. However, it will be difficult for one of those colors to fully match the color of the wall where you are going to place it. For this reason, many experts in ikea hack propose paint it the same color as the background where it will be placed. In this way, the furniture integrates with the wall so perfectly that it seems to be built. read also about The Metaverse Connected To Cryptocurrency: What You Should Know.

Ikea hackers also choose to paint the Billy bookcase the same color as the wall. IKEA

Exclusive doors to differentiate your Billy bookcase from the rest

One of the keys to the success of this ikea furniture is its versatility. You can add different doors to the basic shelf that turn it into a wardrobe or that “hide” some of the objects you keep inside. The ikea hackers They have dozens of ideas to modify these doors. Some choose to remove the crystals and put grids in your place to give a more industrial touch to the outfit.

Customizing the doors of the Billy bookcase is one of the preferred options of Ikea hackers. IKEA

Others bet on paint each of the crystals a different color for a more fun result. This proposal is ideal for the children’s room. Placing your favorite photos of your trips as a vinyl can be another great and super personalized option.

The most versatile Ikea shelf costs 15 euros

The most versatile Ikea shelf costs 15 euros

Ikea’s most retro bookcase

Another of the ikea hack most common in the network consists of incorporating painted paper to the furniture of the Swedish brand to give it a retro and personalized style. Choose the wallpaper that you like best and that best matches the rest of the decoration of that room and line the bottom of the shelf with it. In this simple way you will achieve a totally differentiating effect.