The bear hug from Díaz to Podemos: the intrahistory of the first broad front

heart attack night in United We Can. The agreement reached this Friday in extremis to concur in a unity candidacy and thus rehearse the first broad front in Andalusia hides months of negotiations, shadow movements and decisions that leave the relationship in the purple area of ​​​​the Government touched. There has been a pulse between ministers, between the second vice president, Yolanda Diaz, and the owner of Consumption, Alberto Garzonwith that of Social Rights, Ione Belarra. The first were joined More Country. A kind of bear hug that could be saved at the last minute with a serious drawback: Podemos is out of the coalition; Either the error is corrected or you will not receive grants.

The intrahistory goes back months. Yolanda Díaz came to speak with Alberto Garzón so that he could appear in the Andalusian elections as head of the poster and leave the Government. Garzon refused. Díaz insisted for several weeks but got nothing. She got angry, according to sources close to her, and told the parties that she was disregarding, in theory, the Andalusian elections. There were still a few months left, since nobody knew when Juanma Moreno was going to summon.

No one put a solution. Y Juan Antonio Delgado, a grassroots deputy for Podemos, spoke with Díaz. It was a conversation in the Congress of Deputies a few months ago, taking advantage of a plenary session. The civil guard told her that he wanted to show up on her land, but that he wouldn’t show up if she didn’t like it. Díaz’s response served Delgado to introduce himself. She didn’t tell him no.

Weeks passed and the left did not reach any agreement to attend together. Then Más País and IU spoke with Díaz. They negotiated to support the IU candidate, Inma Nieto, and that the number one position for Seville be reserved for Errejón’s party. More Country and IU sought to make the clip to Podemos. Díaz put his teams to work in Andalusia: Ramón Luque, Rodrigo Amirola and Josep Vendrell, together and separately they traveled to Andalusia several times in recent weeks. An agreement of unity was sought.

In one of the visits of the Díaz team, Vendrell, chief of staff of the second vice president, asked that this starting position, the one in Seville, be reserved for Más País. It was about two weeks ago in a meeting with the parties. was already being built the first wide front with Yolanda Diaz.

The whole play was uncovered when Podemos announced the result of the primaries and all the alarms sounded in Más País, IU and Díaz’s team. Delgado swept. It would be very difficult for a candidate elected in primaries and supported by 6,000 people to be replaced by a candidate imposed from Madrid in the offices. This version is denied by other internal sources that assure that Díaz’s team (and Garzón) landed in Andalusia when the agreement at the regional level was already closed.

Podemos refused from the beginning that Inma Grandson was the candidate for the Board. They were opposed because, according to internal sources, that closed all avenues with Teresa Rodríguez. Nieto had been the one who led the internal conflict in the parliamentary group with Teresa Rodríguez.

This week has been decisive. Yolanda Díaz landed with Garzón at the Fair to get a photo hugging Inma Nieto in front of all the press, summoned ad hoc. Juan Antonio Delgado, who was at the Fair for another meeting, found out that he had not been summoned, and decided to come over and say hello. They had not called him, neither him nor anyone from Podemos.

It was the last day, hours passed and the agreement was not unlocked. Vendrell picked up the phone and called Lilit Verstrynge, general secretary of Podemos. It was Friday afternoon. She told him that Podemos had to give in and accept IU’s candidate, Inma Nieto. Podemos finally accepted the order because it came directly from Díaz. Nobility obliges. Late at night, around 10:00 p.m., Vendrell closed an agreement with Podemos, with IU Andalucía and with Más País. The broad front test. But the document entered the Electoral Board late. There is no coalition, at the moment. You can appeal, but for that you need another agreement. We will have to see if the wounds can be closed or continue to suppurate.