The 7 advantages of outsourcing the logistics service for eCommerce, the case of Lecuine


Lecuine is a French online store of kitchen utensils. It is made up of a team of foodies who research and test premium quality utensils and appliances to sell on their online store and make their customers’ dining experience a delight. To achieve this, they work with brands such as Casori, De Buyer, Cristel, Jura or Wüsthof.

This is how the Lecuine project began

They decided to start this project in 2012. At first they were in charge of everything, including logistics, since they had their own warehouse. In 2017 they decided to outsource this service; and in 2021, when they experienced a growth of 120%, they realized that if they wanted to continue offering their customers the best care and service, they needed to find another logistics operator that, in addition, sent orders not only in Spain and Portugal, but also in other European countries where they were making a niche.

“We needed an efficient order preparation and dispatch service: an agile and at the same time professional product entry capable of detecting any defect that could exist in the product; a perfect packaging and a safe packaging that would prevent the blows from damaging the utensil; to arrive in perfect condition to our customers” he explained. Mariano DrozdMarketing Director of Lecuine.

Outsourcing of the logistics service for your eCommerce

They contacted Adock Fulfillment, a logistics company that is responsible for storing stock, receiving products purchased by suppliers, preparing orders, managing shipments and simplifying returns. In short, Adock helps all its clients to manage their logistics service so that they can forget about this aspect and dedicate time to other issues such as developing the product, selling it or giving clients a 10 experience. And, from the first meeting , Lecuine and Adock go hand in hand.

“Choosing Adock as a logistics operator has been fundamental in our new stage. It has given us security in shipments, and, in addition, it minimizes any incident because it resolves them quickly and professionally. They also advise us personally to continue improving, and few companies have that treatment,” he added. Mariano Drozd.

7 upgrades for Lecuine after allying with Dock Fulfillment

1. Shipping made the same day of purchase

There are many benefits that Adock has brought to Lecuine in the logistics aspect of the company. For example, all orders that enter the website before 2:00 p.m. are prepared and shipped on the same day. This has made Lecuine have his Prime stamp on Amazon (where they also have their products) and that it maintains a very good quality with all its customers who can enjoy their purchase the next day.

2. Reduction of the period of availability on the web

In addition, Lecuine works with several providers who are dedicated to making deliveries every day of the week. For them it was very important that the products that customers buy are available on the web as soon as possible. Adock has put a solution to this, since they are committed to including the products on the web the same day they arrive at the warehouse. In this way, they reduce the period of availability on the web (in this case, it has been lowered from 2 days to 1).

3. Availability of information in real time

Other advantages that stand out is the availability of information in real time, since thanks to the plugin with Prestashop, Adock and the Lecuine online store are integrated. This avoids the transfer of files or emails because all the information related to orders, items and inventories is exchanged through the API in real time.

4. Customization of shipments

In addition, Adock personalizes all shipments: “gift wrapped”, personalized letters or any other marketing element that Lecuine requests. With this, the company can make requests that its customers ask for. For example, if a woman wants to congratulate her husband on her birthday by giving him a Cosori fryer, she can add a dedicated and personalized letter. Adock takes care of everything.

5. Worldwide shipping

Another benefit that most caught Lecuine’s attention was that they shipped worldwide. Yes. To any part of the planet! And quickly and safely.

6. They have managed to eliminate stock shortages

They have also managed to eliminate out-of-stocks thanks to Adock’s comprehensive inventory control.

7. Decrease in packaging costs

And, finally, Lecuine has seen that its packaging costs have decreased. Although the products they sell are all very different and shipping packaging cannot be standardized -it is not, for example, a clothing store whose packaging can be used for both pants and a sweater, but rather a store of cookware offering everything from deep fryers to teacups – Adock has helped them identify opportunities for improvement and achieve reduce the cost by 10%.

“Adock has given us the opportunity to continue growing without having to worry about something that previously made our business very difficult. Now we can focus on continuing to test utensils and always choose the best for our customers. We know that logistics is in good hands” he explained Mariano Drozd.

“More and more companies are opting for an online business and it is true that it has many advantages, but not everything is as easy as it seems at first. And logistics is one of the aspects that gives more headaches. Fortunately, companies like Adock exist to make the lives of the owners of these companies easier. Lecuine is clear about it: “we wouldn’t change it for anything,” he adds.

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