Take advantage of the discounts of up to 60% in Dormitienda to rest like never before this summer

In summer we spend more time at home and pay more attention to the elements that make up our home. During this time we take advantage of our free time to get rid of those pieces of furniture that have stopped transmitting the style and spirit of our house. Our rest system is no exception.

One of the key points for a good rest is knowing when we should replace our mattress for a new one that suits our sleep needs. Our sleeping position, sweating, sleeping with a partner or weight changes affect the maintenance of the mattress. When we notice sinking, lack of sponginess or that we no longer rest as before, we can take notice. We have to change the mattress Y sleeping tent offers us discounts of up to 60% to be able to replace it while saving money that we could well invest in vacations this summer.

Discounts on your rest system and its accessories

To guarantee muscle relaxation and sleep our rest system goes far beyond the mattressn. The bases, canapés, pillows and headboards They are part of this guarantee of restful sleep and are also an essential style element in our home to sleep while being faithful to the charm of our home. Aware of this need, sleeping tent offers various colors and finishes, as well as different materials that adapt to the image of each house.

Dormitienda offers up to 60% discount on its mattresses, pillows and rest accessories.

We must not lose sight of that in summer we also change space. For many, second homes are their home during the hot months and our rest system must adapt to conditions typical of climates near the beach or mountains, such as humidity.

During vacation periods we want to rest and recharge our batteries without breaking the bank. For these cases, Dormitienda also offers discounts and special prices on mattresses with suitable materials for these residences such as viscoelastic with a high degree of adaptability, ideal for rental homes or gel to regulate body temperature and sleep cool, as is the case with new Technogel model.

New mattresses: introductory offers

Each person is a world, and the same happens with our mattress. sleeping tent launches new products to offer a perfect rest option for our different lifestyles and states of health. The last protagonist of his new release is the boheme mattress, a combination of more than ten materials that ensures we will rest like in a five-star hotel.

The Bohéme mattress combines more than ten materials that ensure the best rest.

Precisely, One of the keys that makes Bohème unique is the innovation in its materials. The ElasticTex offers us an athermic and spongy combination that guarantees comfort, while the Sleepvisco Air and the airxtrem They provide the viscoelastic necessary to adapt to our spine and guarantee a good posture at night.