Supply chain crisis: 7 big brands tell us how it affects them


On June 8 and 9 we were in Barcelona attending the Digital 1to1 event and we took advantage of the fact that we had many interesting profiles around to put together a report asking various brands from different sectors how the crisis in the supply chain was affecting them supply.

In this podcast you will listen to the analysis of 7 professionals from 7 major brands:

Elisa Rabate,Online and Digital Marketing Director of AmetllerOrigin
Juan Caparros, Supply Chain Controller at orchard planet
Octavi Gibernau, Audi Digital Business Manager volkswagen
Carles AragoneseEcommerce Manager of Groupe Seb
Carlos Munoz, Ecommerce Manager at Gioseppo
Francis Dura, Director of 24h cosmetics
Xavier Ferraz, Head of UX & Growth at Funidelia

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How has the global supply crisis affected you?

03:25 Ametller Origin

We interviewed Elisa Rabaté, Director of Digital and Online Marketing at Ametller Origin, a company primarily producing its fruits and vegetables. Even so, in the management of specific products such as sunflower oil, it has been affected by the current situation in Ukraine. As this country represents 40% of the world production of this oil within the European market ecosystem.

On the other hand, the impact can also be seen in the cost of transportation, which could affect the prices of the products.

09:38 Orchard Planet

Juan Caparros, Ccontroller of the supply chain at Planeta Huerto, states that his main problem is supply, in accordance with the rest of the directors. That said, they have found uncontrolled price increases and greater complexity in the management of merchandise in its warehousesdepending on what can be arranged to supply the businesses.

However, proposing a point of differentiation with the rest, the factor that has most affected Planeta Huerto has been the war in Ukraine. This is due to the fact that the production of raw materials within the food sector is being dealt with more within the European territory.

13:43 Volkswagen

Octavi Gibernau Torres, Audi Digital Business for Volkswagen Spain, explained that despite the size of the company, this situation has directly affected it. Especially, from its sales capacity, which has been reduced by the lack of components and drop in the production of vehicles.

But, beyond this, it clarifies that have managed to maintain consumer satisfaction on their digital and physical fronts, as for the different car models that interest the public. To achieve this, it has opted to adapt its productions to the needs of customers. In this way, they present two alternatives on the delivery processes: the first is about second-hand vehicles that have stood out in demand thanks to their particular immediate delivery. And, on the other hand, they present many cars that have already been configured directly by the brand that also have immediate availability.

17:17 Group Seb

Groupe Seb is a world leading brand in the small household appliances sector. According to Carles Aragonés, DTC Online Manager Iberia, the impact of the crisis in the supply chain has mainly reached the area of ​​delays and bottlenecks. Mainly affecting the supply of raw materials such as metals, but also in terms of microchips, a situation that has affected many in the market.

Nevertheless, The group has several factories in Europe, whose main function is to cover the demand for high-value product ranges. A situation that has allowed them to establish an advantageous position in the face of the current crisis and manage to compensate for the delays presented by the closure of Asian ports.

Of course, due to the increase in costs in raw material, production and components, there has been an increase in the value of the products, through which they plan to remedy the situation and maintain profitability.

21:50 Gioseppo

For Carlos Muñoz, Director of eCommerce at Gioseppo, it is clear that the retail market has been affected by both the situation with the closure of ports in Asia and the war in Ukraine. has led them to present delays in the receipt of goods, which in turn has led to a change in marketing proposals that had been planned for the exercise.

Even so, they have managed to achieve a solution through a more efficient management and distribution of merchandise, which allowed them to achieve greater efficiency both in terms of retail and B2C. But this has not allowed them to escape the changes in sales calendars. On the other hand, in contrast to Carles Aragonés, Muñoz states that his model has not had a great influence on prices.

24:30 Cosmetics 24H

24H Cosmetics is an online beauty center that extrapolates the concept of a beauty salon to users on a digital level. Francisco Durá, Director of the company, affirms that the problem of global logistics has not affected them directly, in part because of their model of purchasing from third parties. Since many of their providers maintain a continuous rate increase year after year, so the respective increases can be managed.

Clarify that these are generally not directly related to the supply chain, so they are not affected by these delays. On the other hand, the price increase is diluted compared to the added value that its product ranges present, which pallows to keep prices stable, by sacrificing a percentage of profit, with which consumers are not so widely impacted.

28:10 Funidelia

Funidelia’s dynamic differs in a general way from the other companies present, since its products are sold mostly on Halloween and Carnival. Starting from this, Xavier Ferraz, responsible for UX and Growth in the company, clarifies that his main concern is regarding the supply of products for the aforementioned seasons. yesu first response to this global supply crisis has been to start ordering earlier than usual. Although the wait for the departure and subsequent arrival of these products has become a burden.

On the other hand, according to what was commented by Francisco Durá of Cosméticos 24H, these delays have not presented a change in the current price conditions of the company. However, he states that it is an aspect ready for future revision due to the continuous changes in the market.

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