It makes me sad to think about it. Also a sense of failure. Mixed with fear of the kind of society we have created. Because it can happen that from the moment I get up and leave the house until I return to it, I have absolutely no need to talk to anyone. And that, in equal parts, saddens and upsets me. A being without socializing dies like a pot without a drop of water.

Trains (now the Tram), those places that were once places of spontaneous and obligatory conversation, have become unpleasant spaces in which the wolf is the wolf to man. The Lockers have been replaced by machines. The banknote is introduced in lathes. The figure of the intervener barely exists. If there is, act without words. On the buses, three quarters of the same. Not even the slightest hint of greeting.

The people, equipped with their mobile phones and headphones, lives in his bubble. If you dare to look at someone, you become a suspect. Because the simple act of looking violent. Anywhere and at any time. In large stores, people prefer to pay at machines. You can go to the cinema with the ticket purchased online. Box office jokes went down in history: “1 para la 7”. We go directly to the digital reader, and accommodate.

With a bit of luck, if you don’t cross paths with anyone you know during the day, or you do so with someone who pretends not to see you, you can return home without having opened your mouth, without having heard your voice.

This was the future. So is the hyperconnected society, that of the thousands of contacts through social networks. Sorry for not calling you friends. And what comes is metaverse.