Spain adds 15 million pets, more than double the number of children under 15

“You are unique, your dog too”. World Dog Day is celebrated on July 21.. The rise of pets in Spanish homes was triggered after the pandemic. Currently, according to figures from the National Association of Pet Food Manufacturers, In Spain, the number of registered dogs has increased by 38% in the last three years, with 9.3 million dogs in the country. And, altogether, Spanish households add 15 million pets compared to 6.6 million children under 15 years of age.

Science has shown that interaction with animals lowers cortisol levels (a hormone related to stress) and lowers blood pressure. Other studies have found that animals can reduce loneliness, increase feelings of social support and improve your mood.

In this context, the increase in households in which a single person lives or the change in mentality of the new generations, being more akin to having pets than children, has favored the increase of dogs in households. This is indicated by the National Institute of Statistics, dogs have become one more in Spanish families.

Juan Benítez, a teacher at Nubika, explains that “luckily, Adoption is becoming more and more popularsomething very necessary given the density of animals waiting in shelters to be adopted and to choose a family that provides them with the care and affection they need”.

Thanks to the increase in pet adoptions, every day there are more veterinary clinics, ‘pet friendly’ establishments and exclusive parks for dogs, among many other facilities and services aimed at this group.

2.6% of dogs, abandoned

Spain stands out for being one of the pioneering countries in creating an animal law that protects and protects themin which they are no longer considered ‘things’, but are recognized as full members of a family.

According to data from the latest study by the Affinity Foundation ‘He would never do it 2022’, In Spain there are 168,000 homeless dogs. And it is that abandonment affects 2.6% of dogs in Spain. Still, according to the study, 52% of the dogs taken in are adopted and 90% of these adoptions are successful.

A basset hound with a baby. GIMP

But how do we get a successful adoption? Juan Benítez, a teacher at Nubika, affirms that “the best adaptation for the dog is to live in a suitable family environment where I can socialize with the whole familywith other species, that he be exposed to new and positive experiences for him and above all that he has a reference”.

“We must not forget that they are animals that follow a hierarchy.” But, above all, in this process, “the work of the veterinary team that has cared for and controlled the animal throughout the adoption process” is crucial, adds Benítez.

On the other hand, the professional sector linked to the care of domestic animals is experiencing exponential growth due to the increase in pets in Spanish homes. It is for this reason that there is a growing demand for professionals specialized in veterinary services and animal care. Specifically, according to data from Nubika, a specialized veterinary training school, it is a sector with a 90% employability.

Basset hound and labrador, the favorites

Juan Benítez, a teacher at Nubika, emphasizes that, above all, the veterinary professional must have “a lot of empathy and really worry about what happens to the dog and also to the owner, since they must be able to explain without technicalities and clearly what is happening to the dog and provide a solution, reassuring the owner as much as possible” .

Therefore, for Benítez “a good veterinary professional is one who knows how to treat the client, is able to win over the dog and also performs the fair and necessary tests to reach a correct diagnosis and treatment.”

Labrador dog. pixabay

According to the portal ‘Your Doctor’, the company of a pet can make a big difference when suffering from mental health problems and in that sense, There are breeds of dogs that, due to their personality, are recommended for people with anxietyas they are able to provide them with peace of mind and detect when they are about to suffer an attack of negative emotions.

At the top is, for example, the Basset hounda dog with a very special ability to be sociable, in addition to being calm, friendly and coexisting without any problem with other people or pets.

Also noteworthy as a pet is the Labrador. It is one of the most popular breeds. Labradors are affectionate, smart and very energetic. They help both children and people with mental disabilities.