SME searches related to digital marketing services increased by 1,500% since 2018 [Estudio Semrush]


Over the years it has been seen how Much of the Spanish economy depends on small businesses. In fact, before the pandemic began, 97% of Spanish businesses were SMEs. By the year 2022, in Spain alone there are 2.9 million small businesses, representing 95% of the business fabric.

To evaluate in depth the digital landscape of SMEs, the Software platform, Semrush has carried out a study entitled “Trends and statistics of SMEs in Spain: evaluating the interest in starting a new adventure”, based on keyword information and search volume between the years 2018 and 2022. With this, they hope to better understand some relevant trends in the field of SMEs, such as, for example, if the interest of Spaniards in the creation of new businesses is governed by a pattern, which businesses generate more curiosity in people, etc.

Equally, has extracted information from the websites of its clients to have a clearer idea about the behavior of its users and analyze traffic growth, performance over time and business categories that achieve a better digital presence, among others.

Entrepreneurs give greater importance to marketing

According to the study, in terms of searches related to digital marketing, there is an increase in interest from small business owners to promote their brands in the digital world. In this sense, the keyword “small business marketing” It garners nearly 90 monthly searches, and while that’s a bit of a low average search when compared to management terms and operational issues, it does show that marketers have started to put more of a focus on marketing.

In this sense, searches related to digital marketing services have increased by 1,500% between 2018 and 2022, with even more marked growth during the pandemic. Likewise, the interest in creating short videos for small businesses increased by 420% and finally, in 2022 six times more people (600%) searched for messaging marketing compared to 2018.

What Kind of Small Businesses Achieve Most Success Online

Now that the pandemic has calmed down a lot and many people return to face-to-face activities, searches about opening an online business have decreased. However, having a Strong online presence should be considered an absolute necessity in any business.

Semrush has analyzed the domains of more than 280 websites globally, These correspond to small companies, that is, with less than 249 employees. Of these sites, they have analyzed the 2018-2022 dynamics of their traffic, keywords and performance on social networks.

Entertainment, the website category with the highest traffic growth

Average, traffic growth across the board reached 2,900%, which means that in the last four years, most websites have expanded their visitor base, although of course, the rate of growth is not the same for everyone.

Among the sites that increased their traffic the most, we found several related to leisure and entertainment. A trend that can respond to the interests and demands of users or that these sites make greater investments to enhance their online visibility.

Source: Semrush

Interest in creating a new business

The study showed a general trend towards starting new businesses in the last four years, as evidenced by search volumes “how to open an online business” and “open a company”.

The number of searches of this type grew almost 100% (especially in 2020, motivated by confinement and the pandemic), so when starting a business, don’t be surprised by the large amount of competition you may find.

Source: Semrush

It is very interesting to observe that nearly a fifth of potential entrepreneurs are interested in opening a clothing store. However, starting a cleaning or real estate business attracts 12.5% ​​of Internet users, with opening restaurants appearing to generate the least interest among entrepreneurs (6.5%).

Although it is true that although the searches for “set up a clothing store” or “open a clothing store” generally have a higher share, this interest was diminished during the pandemic, when cleaning and car washing businesses gained more attention. These have now become the categories with the highest search growth.

Source: Semrush

Digital kit and help for SMEs, the biggest concerns of new entrepreneurs

Starting your own business is a very exciting and rewarding adventure, but it also presents many challenges to face.

Google’s monthly search volume statistics show that the greatest concern of the Spanish before opening a company focuses on the initial help that they could obtain to open their company. More than half of the searches are about business support and these have increased over the last four years.

The top three of the main searches are: “SME digital kit” 28.5%, “aid to SMEs” 22.5% and PGC SMEs 21%.

Source: Semrush

We must highlight the search for “innovative SMEs” by many potential entrepreneurs, since this is related to the Innovative SME Seal, a recognition received by those small and medium-sized companies that have an innovative character and meet a series of requirements. Being awarded this seal allows an SME to enjoy tax benefits and incentives.

Image: Depositphotos

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