Six home remedies to relieve mosquito bites

With the entrance of summer the life of part of the population suffers some variations that many are grateful for. The days are getting longer, temperatures are rising and the holidays are approaching. Excursions to the beach, pool days, barbecues with friends or cool drinks on summer nights are some of the pleasures of this season. Nevertheless, these hot months also bring us some unwelcome guests.

One of the small drawbacks of summer is the presence of mosquitoes, which increase their activity with high temperatures. just like the annoying ones flies, they are able to enter our home through almost any crack, they can make our rest impossible. And it is that, mosquitoes increase their voracity at sunsetso that sometimes sleeping is difficult when we are surrounded by these tiny flying beings.

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In many species, are the females of mosquito those that pierce our skin, suck our blood and we inject an anticoagulant and other substances that cause us inflammation and the usual itching. The mosquitoes females need our blood to lay eggs.

The trick so that mosquitoes do not enter the house with the window open

Once the process is known, we bring you a few tips to relieve the effects of stings.

Apply cold to the area

Six home remedies to relieve mosquito bites. INFORMATION

Yes you just got bitten by a mosquito and you have no better alternative at hand, you can approach the nearest faucet and apply cold water to the affected area. We can also apply ice so that reduce inflammationbeing careful not to burn ourselves, so it is advisable avoid prolonged contact of ice with the skin.

uses ammonia

Ammonia pens, which change the pH of the skinthey can be a good remedy against itching that gives us a sting. Although it may not decrease the inflammation or subsequent pain, if we act soon we can end the itching nuisancesince the basic pH of ammonia neutralizes mosquito poisonwhich is acid.

Aloe vera is a great option

Six home remedies to relieve mosquito bites. INFORMATION

used as remedy For different wounds throughout history, aloe vera is also a great resource to deal with a mosquito bite. The refreshing and anti-inflammatory gel that the leaves of this plant have is of great help if we apply it on the area. With expanding the gel of this plant and letting it dry on the wound would already act. Creams made up of aloe vera could also be used.

baking soda and water

This paste can help neutralize the pH of the skin after the bite. To do this, you have to apply the paste and let it sit for a few minutes. Then we can wash the bite and remove this ointment.

Use thyme to relieve annoying itching

The antibacterial properties of thyme can help us relieve sting pain plus, help us not get infected if we have made the mistake of scratching ourselves. We can crush the leaves of this plant and apply them directly to the wound and leave them for a few ten minutes.

Basil for before and after we are stung

Six home remedies to relieve mosquito bites. INFORMATION

The elements that make up the leaves of these plants are effective both in relieving the itching of the bite and in repelling insects. We will have to boil a container of water and add the dry leaves of this plant. Then, we will let it cool down and apply a damp cloth with this liquid on the sting. We can also use a basil leaf directly on the wound.