SEO & eCommerce Blog: how to create content to sell, with Álex Serrano (SEO from scratch)


In any digital marketing strategy, there is usually the need to reinforce the content strategy with a blog. And the truth is that in the case of eCommerce it is full of terrible examples. In many cases very underused and abandoned blogs.

That is why we have bundled Álex Serrano, fellow on the Redcast digital marketing podcast network, SEO From Zero podcasterto see some examples of good eCommerce blogs and see how one should be launched today that makes sense, that brings qualified traffic, that does not step on the transactional part of the web and that also helps users to advance in your way to the purchase.

Interview with Alex Serrano

03:22 For those who don’t know you, who is Álex Serrano? How did your career as an SEO professional start?

I think it all started almost 11 years ago when I set up the blog, which had started talking about marketing, then I switched to digital marketing. I started in offline marketing and little by little I began to like the whole topic of doing keyword studies, seeing what content positions, in short, all this research work. I also spent a few years in an agency, where I played many parts of blogs and content strategies, although not so much the SEO part in a technical aspect.

I liked it and I was self-taught, until then I went through Aula CM where I got more into the field of SEO and worked as a teacher. I got training and clients began to arrive, with which I ended up immersing myself 100% in the world of SEO and launched myself as a consultant.

12:30 Taking into account that SEO is constantly evolving, today, what are the SEO keys that you have to know how to touch so that a website is positioned in 2022?

As you have said, SEO has evolved a lot and there are many factors that must be taken into account. Recently, Google has given a lot of ball to the subject of the user experience with the Core Web Vitals, which in the end isThese are important things because they have an impact on the user, who must be the center of the campaigns. In the age in which we are living in SEO, a very valuable aspect would be the “brand concept”.

A few years ago SEO was not related to the brand concept, but now they go hand in hand and it is something that has become much more important.

20:00 Arriving at our central topic, let’s talk about SEO and blogs in the world of eCommerce. Is it advisable for an online store to have a blog?

It is recommended as long as it is done well. By this I mean yes you do not set an objective, what is each line of content on the blog going to do, what can happen is that you end up with content that does not position And that doesn’t help at all.

So, if it is not done well, it can cause more problems in the long run than benefits, which we can see in the number of abandoned blogs on the internet. If done well, a blog can give many good things; here we could talk about benefits at the general marketing level and in the field of SEO.

22:05 What objectives should a blog cover for an eCommerce?

I would say that the first objective to achieve would be a purely SEO one, which is the objective of increasing the visibility of your web domain. This is thanks to the fact that the number of keywords you are positioning is increasing, reaching different search intentions. Which helps to increase organic traffic, and here you have to keep in mind that SEO is a means and not an end.

So the traffic achieved has to be useful for something, that is, this organic traffic achieved should be as qualified as possible. Other objectives would be the pure capture of leads and indirect sales, this is limited to each eCommerce because there are sectors where purchases demand more reflection than others.

51:30 What minimum frequency would you recommend for a blog and what extension?

At least I would leave a frequency of 2 per month, as long as they are done well. Blogs demand money, time and work so it is necessary to take into account what can be done with the resources you have. So as not to stay in the medium or short term.

Regarding the extension, I believe that positioning is not a matter of quantity either. In the end it is that if you write more it is possible to use more terms and cover more subtopics. Therefore, it is not a question of proposing a minimum or maximum of words for a content. If not to analyze what results are appearing for that search in which you want to position and evaluate with how much content, you can solve that search intention.

1:03:00 What is your vision of how external linking work should look like?

Articles have an advantage over the transactional part of the web, since it is easier for someone to decide to link to a very good article than to a product category. Now, depending on the resources you have, you may or may not link build all the content you have on the blog.

That is why there will always be a series of articles that are presented as flagships and that are the ones that attract the most traffic. These are the articles that need to be linked the most, as it can offer better results.

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