Sánchez calls for decoupling the price of gas because it goes against the well-being of citizens and industry

Ensures that Spain has everything ready to receive refugees from Ukraine on their visit to Slovakia


The President of the Government has made a call to accept the Spanish proposal to reform the gas market in Europe and decouple the price of gas from that of electricity, as a measure to contain the rise in electricity bills. Thus, he has pointed out that the current system is inefficient and is acting against the well-being of citizens, industry and companies in Europe.

In an appearance without questions from Bratislava together with the Prime Minister of Slovakia, Eduard Heger, Sánchez pointed out that it will be an important debate that takes place at the European Council to be held next week in Brussels and where this issue will be discussed. “Spain is advocating for a structural reform of the energy market in the European Union”, he added.

This visit to Bratislava, the first in 12 years by a Spanish Prime Minister, was the first stop on a European tour in which Sánchez is trying to convince the countries of the European Union to support Spain’s position.

In addition, Sánchez has assured that Spain can contribute much more decisively to the European energy market with its liquefied natural gas regasification capacities, although he has reiterated that for this it is essential to advance in interconnections with the rest of the continent.

He has also mentioned other measures that in his opinion are necessary in the energy field to reduce dependence on Russian gas, such as increasing the number of suppliers and alternative energy sources.


On the other hand, Sánchez has transferred to his Slovakian counterpart that Spain has “everything ready” for the reception of refugees from Ukraine and that Spanish society attends “shocked and outraged” at the situation in the country caused by the attacks From Russia.

In this way, it has recognized Slovakia’s role as a country bordering Ukraine and one of those that is most closely experiencing the flow of refugees fleeing the war. Thus, he has expressed the solidarity of Spain and southern Europe to face this refugee crisis, which, as he has indicated, will be more intense than that of Syria.

As he has stated, in that conflict there were around a million refugees in two years while in Ukraine, in just 20 days more than 3 million people have left.