Sam Bankman-Fried on 2022 Crypt Trends

Forkast was interviewed by FTX founder and CEO Sam Bankman-Fried. NFTs, DeFi and companies moving in the market were also discussed.

NDP spring

We will see that NFTs will be a kind of companion to different products, be it gaming or other products. There will be fewer standalone products than now that you include an NFT. Rather, they will be integrated into other products and partnered with. Many video games will integrate them into their own products.

You can also count on NFT tickets. But NFTs representing movies or songs will also appear, instead of simple visual artifacts. NDP adoption will appear where there are native digital things.

Institutional adoption

Next year we will see a lot of development between the traditional banking world and the young gates of cryptocurrencies. Their user experience will also improve, but institutional clients will also increasingly transact on cryptocurrencies.

For now, it seems to me that DeFi stock exchanges are still too far removed from most institutional investors. Even so, it will take a lot of work for a lot of institutions to make an effective connection between themselves and the crypt.

It will take even more energy on their part to figure out how they can interact with the various decentralized protocols: how to manage and account for deposits, what regulatory and licensing issues arise. And these are pretty tricky questions when you look at how carefully this sector is approaching now.


Overall, I think the opportunities and applications of the industry itself will continue to grow, but we will see some level of consolidation. The smaller players, bills, wallets, various services will be bought by the big ones and merged into them.

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