Reverse shopping list, the method to save every month in the supermarket

The january cost It is one of the periods of the year where we are most interested in controlling our expenses and, if possible, saving some money. If we want to achieve this goal there are several saving methods well known that we can use, but now we suggest you “attack” the way of making your shopping list.

Surely so that when you get home you do not miss anything, you make a list where you have written down everything you need for your home. However, it may happen that we miss some and that when we go to cook, for example, we realize that we had not written it down, and therefore, neither bought it. To avoid confusion like these, there is a method that is most effective and simple to carry out: reverse purchase.

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This trick consists of writing a shopping list with the products we have, instead of the ones we need. In this way, we will generate a list of items that we use in our daily lives.

It is advisable assign a specific day to the month to carry out this task. Thus, we will be clear when to spend the time to make our list. If we do not select a specific day, it is likely that we will stop doing it. When the time comes, we write down all the food we have in our pantry, fridge and cabinets on a list. The first day will be more cumbersome because you start from scratch. But calm. The rest of the time it will be much easier.

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Plan the menus of the month

When we have the list prepared we can plan the menus of the month. Thus, we will be able to rotate the food and use all the ingredients that we already have, saving money and without wasting anything. If you need an ingredient that you don’t have, write it down. And if you find any product in your cupboards that you don’t like or aren’t going to consume, give it to a friend, family member or even your neighbor. A) Yes, we will avoid throwing anything.

Finally, it should be noted that one of the great advantages of this system is that We will go to the supermarket with a logical list and with absolutely necessary products. Thus, we will only buy what we need. In addition, if we go shopping with a full stomach, it will be more difficult for us to fall into temptation and we will not buy superfluous whims. Now, if we are really excited about buying something in particular, we can make a worthwhile exception.