Registered Property Administrator: Your community in good hands

It is known that housing forms one of the most valued pillars for a person. His loved ones live there, his memories are found and it is the fruit of a lot of work and effort to form that comfortable and safe home for his family.

And it is true that that peace of mind can be altered on many occasions by breakdowns in community services such as being trapped in an elevator, a broken downspout, a power outage, loss of TV signal, etc.

Today the complexity of a farm, its community services, its maintenance and the incessant regulations requires the services of a registered property manager.

An example of the professionalization of this sector is that the vast majority of these houses make up the million communities of owners that are managed by 15,000 professionals throughout Spain.

The role of the Property Manager

It has been many years since the role of the property manager ceased to be a mere accountant to become the professional that advises the community and ensures the correct maintenance of the common spaces in coordination with all the companies that provide their services on the farm.

Behind each one of the services of a community there is a management task of the estate manager and among them is ensuring compliance with the maintenance that the standard requires all communities to comply with and that in many farms it is not done due to ignorance as they are not advised by professionals.

There are more and more neighbors who, aware of this complexity, require a collegiate property manager, who As a professional, he is trained and prepared to advise the community and manage it diligently.

The preparation and knowledge of the administrator are essential to work in the field of preventionreducing the risk of breakdowns and carrying out surveillance work against possible pathologies of the building structure that due to deterioration or age of the property require necessary works for the conservation and accessibility of the farm, which reverts to the tranquility of these homes.

In recent decades, the property administrator has positioned itself as an essential figure in the real estate sector, but we still warn that the neighbors are not aware of their work or the coordination that their community requires for everything to function normally. Today the responsibilities of the administrator are greater than years ago when there was no data protection law, electronic notifications, changes in taxation, labor and a long etcetera.

For example, currently Almost all communities know that the list of defaulters cannot be posted on the bulletin board. This assumption that is already normalized among the owners cost many hours of explanations from the collegiate in front of the incredulous neighbor who did not understand that what was done all his life now had a fairly high fine. And so with all the changes and that there are more and more.

And abounding in professionalization, the communities of owners must know that our members have a remarkable academic and university preparation such as lawyers, economists, graduates in real estate studies, business administration and management, engineers, social graduates and even psychologists, the latter increasingly necessary to manage neighborhood coexistence.

However, tell you that For the Association of Property Administrators of the province of Alicante it is a pride to have professional collegiate members, non-amateurs, who are prepared to manage the farms of our province, taking care to follow the training under the umbrella of the College, which is vigilant of the good practice and training of all of them to continue taking on the new challenges that the future holds for this profession.

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