Purchase of real estate

You must have heard the phrase “real estate or real estate” many times. This dilemma distinguishes goods according to their circulation or not. The property (understood as real estate, property or flow) is the property or set of assets of one or more objects. This definition of “property” is divided into movable and immovable property. As far as they are distinguished, movable property and real estate.

Therefore, in the real estate purchase Immovable property is property that cannot be moved: property is considered to be anything whose characteristics prevent its movement, such as buildings, land, factories, mines and any tangible possession that forms part of the territory and the rights associated with it. Another characteristic that defines what real estate is is that its displacement involves the destruction or deterioration of the property.

The real estate purchase it is one of the main reasons why people learn about the difference between real and personal property. Within the real estate sector, it is important to know what the main types of real estate (or real estate) are, their characteristics, the special conditions and the taxes that are levied on them. The properties of real estate are: Real estate: It is fixed to the ground and cannot be repositioned without damaging the structure and value of the property. Non-commercial: In the legal nomenclature, real estate is nothing.

The key difference between movable and immovable property is portability: movable property can change location without affecting its structure or value, while movable property cannot be moved without affecting its structure or value, degrade or be damaged.

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Now, in the real estate purchase There are certain taxes that you should be aware of, mainly the Tax on Real Estate (IBI) is an urban tax that is levied in Spain on the ownership of real estate and other real estate rights. Under this tax, parcels of land or specific portions of land are treated as real property; Building elements that can be used independently, real estate with special characteristics or the spatial extension of surface rights or administrative privileges.