Puig is committed to helping transport from “social dialogue” and with “representative organizations”

Indicates regarding the strike that “there are limits that cannot be transgressed” and advocates guaranteeing security and supplies


The president of the Valencian Generalitat, Ximo Puig, has opted this Saturday to help transport from “social dialogue” and through the “representative organizations” of the sector. Thus, he has indicated, regarding the transport strike called for the increase in fuel prices, that “there are limits that cannot be transgressed” and has advocated for guaranteeing security and supplies.

Puig spoke in this way at the Palau de la Generalitat after the meeting he held with the Minister of Science and Innovation, Diana Morant, visiting Valencia on the occasion of the Fallas. The head of the Consell has made these statements asking about the transport strike, in case there is a shortage of some products and about the measures that the regional administration proposes in these situations.

The head of the Consell has explained that according to the information that he has had from the Government Delegation in the Valencian Community, during the night between this Friday and this Saturday and throughout this last day, it seems that “the intensity of the pickets, which have acted on many occasions in an absolutely illegal and irrational manner”.

Ximo Puig has pointed out that this behavior “affects coexistence and the free exercise of the economy” and has stressed that “social dialogue must be defended” and “agreement with representative organizations”, in order, “of course, to guarantee all what is the economic activity from the respect to the differences”.

“Of course, there are limits that cannot be transgressed. The State must guarantee the safety of all citizens and the supply”, she stressed. In this line, she has considered that “the Ministry of the Interior must act and is acting with sufficient strength and rigor” in the face of the strike.

With regard to the rise in prices of some products as a result of the war in Ukraine, Ximo Puig commented that this conflict has effects “especially in the energy field”, while stressing that the central government is “doing fundamental work” to contain prices and “ensuring that economic activity does not decrease.”

At this point, he has lamented the action that with the strike “some very minority transport sectors are doing” and has opined that it is “unpatriotic” and that it goes “against the general interest”.


The Valencian president has assured that “it is evident that the Government of Spain and that of the Generalitat are going to act to help transport”. “Decisions have already been made by the Government of Spain. Also from the regional perspective, we will help transport to guarantee mobility”, he said.

Puig has reiterated that this will be done “with the representative organizations and with social dialogue and not through an option that only intends to destabilize the country” and “block.” He has denied that at the moment there is a shortage and has lamented an “irrational blockade” in transport “when decisions had already been advanced by the Government of Spain” in favor of “a general European framework that has to establish that intervention in the economy , in prices”.

“We know of the difficulties of transportation and that many people are having a very bad time. It is evident that it is necessary to find a solution” that “is not acting illegally” and as a “inconvenience” to the economy, he declared, while once again censuring “unpatriotic” attitudes.