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Professional VS homemade alarms

Security at home is one of the basic aspects so that the whole family can feel totally calm at home. To do this, it is necessary to have different systems that allow you to stop worrying about that concern or fear that we often have in order to focus on enjoying your loved ones more.

There are numerous methods that we can apply in our home to guarantee its security, from a reinforced or armored door to professional alarm systems such as those we offer at Movistar Prosegur Alarmas, or even manufacturing our own protection formulas. However, the quality and guarantee of proper operation is not the same in all security systems and, for this reason, in this post we are going to show the advantages and disadvantages of home alarms compared to professional ones.

home alarms

We can use our imagination and be very crafty to protect our home with homemade elements: from a simple fork that blocks the front door to a manually made system that we can assemble after purchasing it in a department store. The reality is that home alarms can provide extra security to our home, but their effectiveness and practicality can be questioned. And it is that, most of these home security systems have a very short useful life, either because the energy source runs out – which can be a small battery or even a battery – or because they are single-use. Not to mention that they can fail us just when we need it most. Home alarms serve only as a deterrent, since they do not connect with emergencies or provide proof that a real problem has occurred in your home, this factor is key when our house is invaded by a squat. Despite the fact that its cost is very low, its functionality does not fully meet the security premises that we seek to include in our homes.

Advantages offered by professional alarms vs homemade ones 

Professional alarms offer great advantages over home remedies in terms of security. Thus, in a clear commitment to peace of mind, our alarms work as a dissuasive element, but also as an active security system, adapting to the layout of your home to guarantee its total protection. Professional alarms have different equipment to guarantee their effectiveness. Thus, in addition to the communication panel -which is installed in a hidden place and has an anti-sabotage system- or the siren, there is the possibility of reinforcing the security of our home with magnetic detectors to control strategic points such as doors or windows and even , mobile cameras.

All these systems guarantee, on the one hand, proof of a possible intrusion into the home, but also an immediate reaction to this problem. In other words, if something happens, the alarm will be activated notifying the CRA, which will immediately report the incident to the emergency services so that they can come to the home, if necessary.

Alarms adapted to each type of home 

The security systems that we offer at Movistar Prosegur Alarmas are adapted to each type of home and its specific needs. Thus, we have the alarm kit for flats, the alarm kit for attics and ground floors and the alarm kit for chalets, which guarantee the total security of the home. In fact, all the kits contain the communication panel, the dissuasive plate and detectors in a basic way, tools that are extended for attics and ground floors and for chalets. In these cases, the kits contain more detectors to secure each strategic point of the home.


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