Print on demand: a new online business model


Today more than ever, it is very easy to undertake, without the need for a large investment, in advance, or with a large inventory. Thanks to the Internet and social networks, you can create your own online store and start offering your products using your creativity to customize them.

In this sense, print on demand or production on demand is a very popular dropshipping business model, where suppliers and virtual stores work hand in hand. The provider offers a wide variety of products for eCommerce owners to choose from for their business. In addition, it allows the entrepreneur to personalize these items with their brand identity and include their designs. In turn, the entrepreneur manages the online store with these products and is responsible for selling them to their customers. The most popular customizable products are t-shirts, caps and mugs.

The reason why this production-on-demand business model is so popular is that the production service provider prepares and ships the product to the end customer, only when it has already been sold by the virtual store. Once the sale is made, the store makes the payment to the supplier for the elaboration and shipment of the personalized product.

Advantages of the print-on-demand business model

Taking into account what we have explained, the print-on-demand business model is attractive for saving money, time and logistics management. In addition, to this is added the fact that you do not need to have advanced technical knowledge to open an online store and start selling personalized products. But there are more advantages:

You can create and sell custom products in just a few clicks. This business model is ideal for taking advantage of the market’s fashion trends and including them in the creation of the catalog products. Shipping logistics for custom products are handled by the print-on-demand service provider. Without worrying about inventory management or the shipping process, the entrepreneur has more time to focus on digital marketing strategies and campaigns. This business model requires a minimum investment since it does not require an advance investment to acquire the previous inventory. For this reason, it is easier to add or remove products, try new ideas and/or new business approaches.

The best production solutions on demand

If you want to start working with the production-on-demand business model, it will be useful to know about Gelato. This company has a presence in 34 countries, global shipping reach and also has a software platform that connects customers who need to produce products with online printers near them. In this way, they offer a reduced cost and a more sustainable shipping and production for entrepreneurs and for the planet.

Entrepreneurs can customize products such as: cards, posters, photos and framed designs to decorate any wall, calendars, mugs, t-shirts, sweatshirts, photo books, notebooks and business stationery.

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