prefabricated houses

Unlike a traditional house built from scratch, the premade houses they are largely built in a factory and then partly or almost entirely shipped for final assembly on site. Prefabrication in a controlled industrial environment offers several advantages over conventional construction: among other things, execution errors are reduced, material waste is reduced and greater efficiency is ensured. Insulation and energy of the enclosure. In fact, many experts rely on this type of house to make the construction sector less polluting for the environment.

On the other hand, the completion time is significantly reduced compared to the classic house, in most cases several weeks. Much of this time is spent on factory production and only a few days are required for final assembly and finishing.

The main disadvantage offered prefabricated houses compared to conventional houses is that due to the nature of the manufacturing process which requires rigorous pre-planning and construction with oversized building elements, there is little room for last minute changes so all design decisions must be very clear and anticipated.

That is why, if you need to contact a company specialized in the construction of this type of house, we recommend Green Konstruktions, this company has extensive experience in the sector and will be able to advise you on the project you want to do.

On the other hand, unlike traditional construction, where the weight of the building is gradually transferred to the ground as the work progresses, a prefabricated house is built once or in a few days, so any forecast error geotechnical can lead to unwanted settlement. Resulting in unexpected fracture or cracking. There are three main materials to build premade houses: wood, concrete and steel. The first is the excellence of environmental materials, as well as providing a more natural and warm environment. On the other hand, concrete offers excellent behavior in terms of thermal inertia.

Finally, steel is mainly used for internal structures and frames of some construction elements. The prefabricated house can be built on any land, but if a lot of excavation and filling needs to be done because it is too steep, the concept of premade houses it wears out and we opt for a hybrid solution, plus the costs go up. The flatter the plot, the better; Something becomes a requirement if it is a fully equipped mobile or modular home.