Police station arrests two brothers for stealing from the house where they were carrying out some works

Agents of the National Police Two people have been arrested in the town of Elche as alleged perpetrators of a robbery with force in an inhabited house, in the case of two brothersboth of Spanish nationality and 34 and 38 years old.

A man appeared at the Elche Police Station to file a complaint, in which he recorded that He had suffered a robbery with force in his home. According to him, “the events were perpetrated by two people who, previously, had agreed to do a job in the outdoor patio from their home, these at the end of the contracted work and, taking advantage of their absence at home, they cut with a radio or similar to your garage door hinges to access the interior and steal all the hotel machinery that he owned, valued at more than 2,500 euros, ”explains the official note.

The Elche Police Station discovers a “black market” of stolen butane bottles

The 3rd Judicial Police Investigation Group of the Elche Police Station took charge of the case, since it is the group specialized in prosecuting crimes against the patrimony and the socioeconomic order, with special reference to robberies with force. After multiple efforts, the investigators discovered the identity of those allegedly responsible for the robbery in the case of two brothers, one of whom had a long history with police records for robbery with force.


The agents, continuing the line of investigation, managed to locate and arrest the alleged perpetrators of the robbery. These people, at look surprised Due to the police presence, they immediately recognized the author of the robbery.

After several inquiries, the police managed to locate and recover all the appliances that had been stolen from the victim’s garage, to whom they delivered them.