podcast | Whitman: Joe Biden’s strategic asset that made eBay and HP shine

They say that she is a woman whose opinion carries a lot of weight in Washington. Her career is that of an all-terrain businesswoman: she has worked for Procter & Gamble, for a consulting firm, for Disney, for the toy company Hasbro… She has been president and CEO of eBay and HP, has invested in electronic sports firms (Immortals LLC, of ​​which she has become a member of its Board) and also made the leap into politics in an adventure that did not go well, but in which she deeply believed (in fact, she invested a significant part of her capital herself ).

Years later, she came to publicly request the vote for the presidential candidate of another party, understanding that it was the best option for her country, the United States… Today this woman has also become a Joe Biden’s strategic asset on the African continent. The US leader appointed her ambassador to Kenya late last year, making it clear that the African country will become a strategic partner of Washington. This is Margaret Whitman…or Meg Whitman, as she is known in Silicon Valley and Wall Street.

He ranks 883rd on the list of the richest people compiled by ‘Forbes’, with a fortune valued at 3,100 million dollars. Much of that fortune she amassed in the decade in which she was in charge of eBay and in the four years as head of Hewlett-Packard. They were, in fact, his results at the head of the electronic commerce firm and the computer manufacturer that definitively boosted his career. “My mother taught me that you don’t have to be perfect to be a leader, but you can’t be shy either. That lesson is part of the reason I went to eBay,” she explained in one of her public interventions.

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