Pegasus case: Aragonés asks Sánchez to resign to regain confidence

The tension over the Pegasus case between Moncloa and Catalonia continues. The President of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonés, has affirmed that the management that the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, is carrying out in the Pegasus case of espionage against independence leaders “is dynamiting the path of dialogue and negotiation”, demanding that he purge responsibilities if he wants to regain the trust of his Executive. He said it this Wednesday at the opening session of the XXXVII Círculo de Economia Meeting, which takes place at the Hotel W Barcelona until Friday, together with the entity’s president, Javier Faus.

Aragonese has demanded the President of the Government that “there is a turning point” in the management of this matter and that, if he believes in the dialogue with the Generalitat, purge responsibilities regarding espionage to rebuild the trust with the Catalan Executive and resume the negotiation process to resolve the Catalan conflict. “If the will to negotiate of the State Government and President Sánchez is real, it is essential that all doubts are clarified and all suspicions about who has ordered espionage, for what purpose and who has had access to the information. If the President of the State Government really believes in dialogue, they need to be purged and assume the corresponding responsibilities”, he demanded.

The Catalan president has claimed that since he was sworn in as head of the Executive he has made a “unequivocal bet to open a process of dialogue and negotiation to resolve the political conflict” in Catalonia. “Going down this path is a brave bet, it is a bet that requires all conviction. I have it, I can amply prove my commitment to have opened a stage of dialogue and negotiation with the State”, which he believes is based on recognizing the other party and dialogue to reach agreements.

However, he has criticized that this commitment to negotiation “is not matched by the state government“, something for which he has expressed disappointment. Thus, he has made reference to the management that Sánchez is making of the Pegasus case and has criticized that the indignation and the measures adopted in the face of the espionage that has affected the Prime Minister and the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, have been “diametrically opposed” to the position they have had regarding the wiretapping of independentistas.

“It can’t be that there is a good and justifiable espionage, and a bad and unjustifiable one. We believe that it is absolutely unacceptable for institutional dialogue, absolutely essential for all the challenges we face”, he added. Aragonés has insisted that his commitment continues to be dialogue, but he has regretted that the Pegasus case can change the course of the path of negotiation initiated since his arrival at the Presidency of the Generalitat: “I say these words with the pain of someone who has opted for the path of dialogue and negotiation”.

In the businessmen’s question time, Aragonés has assured that it is “frustrating” to bet on dialogue but that, according to him, the Government does not correspond to this will. When asked if the ERC will vote against all the initiatives of the Government in Congress until the Pegasus case is resolved, as happened with the anti-crisis decree, the Catalan president has replied that will analyze “case by case” but he has warned that they will have a high level of demand. For him, being aware that the alternative to the Government of PSOE and United We Can is one of the right does not mean that they can “accept unacceptable things”, as it considers espionage to be the case. “Stability has to be taken care of, it is evident that it has not been done”, he has made ugly and has reiterated that a turning point is needed to generate the conditions to improve the relationship with the Government of Pedro Sánchez.