Peacock hunting in Pilar de la Horadada

Several agents of the municipal police of Pilar de la Horadada carried out a service this Wednesday that could qualify as “high-flying”. An unusual rescue that had a real character as the main protagonist: a turkey. The animal, belonging to the Phaisanidae family and characterized by its long tail with brightly colored plumage, had wandered from its usual home in an area near to the IES Thiar, and remained missing for several days. It was one of the neighbors who warned of the presence of a peacock on one of the roofs of the houses -for several days-, and the agents moved to the place to try to recover it.

The peacock, an adult male weighing between 4 and 6 kilos, remained crouched on the tiles in the middle of the sun terrace. The operation was not easy and the animal kept the police in check for several hours. Despite having the help of a telescopic net to try to capture him, one of the agents had to get on the roof to reach him with it, taking advantage of a moment of inattention.

Although they live in domestic environments as pets, these large birds are often quite irritable and do not get along with other avian species. Without considering the tail, which can already be about a meter long, the males reach between 100 and 115 cm in length. Their iridescent green and blue plumage with a crown of feathers on their heads makes them very showy birds and their presence is frequent in rural dwellings in the Vega Baja.