Panic room: what are they like?

Do you know what panic rooms are? In recent years the demand for this security element has multiplied, becoming an additional protection complement for homes and businesses. Discover everything that surrounds these panic rooms or armored rooms, and what they can offer you in terms of special security.

What are panic rooms?

A panic room is a space within the home that prevents, in the event of any assault or robbery, thieves can access it. This area will always be easily accessible from inside the house, but will be hidden in plain sight from assailants. So they can’t find it.

In case of detecting the panic room, they are prepared to protect the integrity of any person insideresisting from assaults to force to bullets.

The armored rooms will allow you to use the panic buttons to dWarn the competent authorities to come to your home. In addition, these systems are connected to video surveillance cameras, so you can see what is happening outside.

Also it is usual to have an individual telephone to be able to report on what is happening in other ways.

USE: It is essential that, after its installation, all the cohabitants know its opening and closing operation to activate it in any critical or emergency situation.

How are these panic rooms designed?

When designing a panic room it is done in a similar way to that of vaults. All perimeters must have all kinds of reinforcements so that only authorized persons can access.

This security element will also have a series of systems that can guarantee the survival of people for a certain time; as well as having elements that allow contact with the outside (a telephone line, for example).

The shielded rooms are designed with a protection mechanism that offers unique effectiveness, so you don’t have to worry about your security once you access it. The degree of security of the doors will be determined by you during the contract. However, they start at grade 3. Depending on your needs and budget, the surveillance and wall reinforcement systems will be one or the other.

Panic Room Basics

Regardless of your preferences and investment, The basic components that every panic room should have are:

Reinforcements in the walls with metallic and/or concrete structures. Have an armored door. Telephone line for contact with the outside world. Closed circuit of a video surveillance camera system. Armored windowsAlong with these elements you can add accessories such as soundproof walls and doors, gas masks, toilet, control panel, panic button

Along with these elements you can add accessories such as soundproof walls and doors, gas masks, toilet, control panel, panic button

Advantages of installing a shielded room in homes and businesses

As we mentioned at the beginning of the post, it is more and more common to find homes with armored rooms. And it is that they suppose an element of tranquility and security for all the cohabitants. Anti-panic rooms allow you to be covered against any assault and/or mishap, while notifying the competent authorities.

Betting on a panic room is synonymous with investing in security. In fact, some of the additional benefits of installing them are:

Protect against the appearance of natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. Serves as a safe (pretty big, too), to keep all your valuables safe. Peace of mind whenever you’re home. Something essential.

How much does a panic room cost?

The price of the installation of this security element is very variable, since it will depend on aspects such as:

The size of the room The degree of security of the doors. The reinforcements you want to add. The accessories. The type of home you live in. Or the type of business.

Based on each of these aspects, each provider will offer you one price or another, and you will decide which option best suits your budget. However, heThe price range is usually around €1,000 to €100,000 . There is no pre-established price for armored doors and these rooms, so each case will be a custom budget.

With all this information you can now decide whether or not you are interested in equipping your properties with a panic room along with the rest of the basic security elements. If you are going to bet on its installation, always do it with expert professionals, since they are the only ones who can guarantee correct operation and who will provide peace of mind and real protection.