Onsite and offsite campaigns to work on loyalty, with Tidart, Retail Rocket and Skeepers


In this week’s program we recover one of the round tables of the NEXT Loyalty event. we chat about how to focus marketing campaigns aimed at a loyalty goal, whether they are on the website itself, whether they are media campaigns or offpage.

We spoke with:

Carlos MolinaCEO of Tidart.
Pol Gomez, Marketing automation CRM for Retail Rocket. Yeray Fragalead sales Iberia for Skeepers.

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round table ccampaigns to work loyalty

03:30 Let’s get in context What does each of your projects do and how do they connect with loyalty management?

yaray: Skeepers is a store that has different service solutions and all of them have a SaaS format, focused on improving the relationship that consumers have with brands. Regarding loyalty, it is part of one of our business verticals under the name of Skeepers Customer Experience: we offer eCommerce the possibility of carrying out a qualitative analysis of their audience. In other words, it offers the opportunity to know what users want and feel in order to build loyalty based on this information.

pole: Retail Rocket is an all in one platform that focuses on managing user retention at the eCommerce level. We work from a Big Data base with a focus on personalizing the user experience. This makes it possible to make the links established between a brand and its public, through this communication process, more effective and solid.

Carlos: At Tidart we are a media agency, when everyone talks about loyalty they imagine a mailing campaign or push notifications, and so on. They mostly refer to retargeting and prospecting campaigns, while we focus on a re-engagement campaignwhich are often forgotten by people.

14:30 What is the data infrastructure that an eCommerce must have to manage all these types of campaigns?

pole: I would distinguish in this case, two types of necessary data structure. The first one is based on user navigation. A series of data that are storable, and that facilitate the understanding of users.

On the other hand, there is the data of the purchases made themselves, which add greater depth about the campaigns and the understanding of their impact.

22:00 What are the campaigns that usually give the best results?

Yeray: The campaigns that are currently offering the best results consist of letting consumers expand. PFor this it is necessary to offer various opportunities for dialogue throughout the purchase process and the user experience, such as text boxes where users can communicate their impressions. From this it is possible to make an analysis.

pole: I would say that it is something specific for each eCommerce. We handle a lot of transactional data at the user level. Which, being all under the same system, allow strategic plans to be made. To later locate and implement the most effective means to implement them.

30:15 We are currently facing the death of cookies. How does this situation affect you?

Yeray: In our case, it is not something that really affects us a lot. Since as I mentioned, we try to carry out surveys at specific moments of the user experience. Thus, the information we retrieve from customers is in our CRM and does not come from third-party cookies.

pole: In our case, we use first party cookies, so we are calm.

Carlos: For us it is a reality that depends. In principle, it depends on the main source of traffic that a company or project has. Likewise, we must know that cookies do not disappear based on European legislation. If not according to the needs of Google, we have even already seen how they have delayed its “removal”.

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