Neglect of the elderly

Fin de las restricciones en las residencias de mayores en Asturias: los geriátricos recuperan la "total normalidad" en las visitas

End of restrictions in nursing homes in Asturias: nursing homes recover "total normality" in visits

With good reason, the Government has urged financial institutions to provide the elderly with personal and less digitized treatment to resolve matters that affect them, since many of their clients, due to their advanced age, do not have computer equipment or have not acquired Internet trading skills. The close –and humane- treatment that was given to the elderly in savings banks and banks has disappeared. Now it is difficult for them to attend to us, even requesting an appointment.

The Government is right, but in some cases it does not apply this measure to itself. Let's see. I am over eighty years old. I wanted to process a change in the contract with my domestic worker due to a salary increase, for which I went to the Social Security office on Calle Mayor where I registered her nine years ago and they gave me all kinds of facilities . The answer obtained is that “it has to be processed online or through an agency”. And the orderly or concierge who regulates the entrance adds me: "nothing is done here anymore."

I urge public bodies to humanize care for the elderly with personal and preferential treatment. Those of us who have given so much to Spain so that it can achieve a high level of development should not be marginalized. We are not just votes.