Musk pauses the purchase of Twitter and causes the collapse of its stock market valuation


I can’t Musk anymore
I can’t Musk anymore
the same story always repeats itself
I can’t Musk anymore
I can’t Musk anymore
I’m tired of rolling like a Ferris wheel
To live like this is to die, Elon
By Elon we have the split wording
by Elon
I don’t want more moves from Twitter

Elon Musk has said no, no, no. Like Amy Winehouse with her Rehab.

at least for now.

As the content manager of this magazine, I have to say that it is terribly quite disconcerting to follow in the footsteps of the authentic mental roller coaster of a genius like Elon Musk. Perhaps if one day his long-awaited Neuralink becomes a reality, everything will suddenly make sense ¬¬

The situation is this: after a whole month talking about the macromegaoperation that the richest person in the world announced with hype, cymbal and castanets, assuming that what we wrote last April 25 would come true…

«…a juicy offer to buy Twitter for 54.20 dollars per share, 54% more than they were worth a few days ago, when he began his movements on the social network by buying 9.2% of the company, and 38% than the valuation prior to knowing its offer, and on April 25 Twitter accepted the deal.

44,000 million dollars (just over 41,000 million euros) is the price that Musk will pay for Twitter. It is worth remembering that Facebook bought Instagram for a billion dollars in 2012 and WhatsApp for 19 billion dollars in 2014 to have a clearer perspective on the amount that the purchase of Twitter represents.

After making headlines in the world press, speculating about the news that Musk’s arrival on Twitter could bring, reviving people’s interest in this social network that some of us love and raising its stock market value, he has surprised us with this Tweet:

That is, “Twitter deal temporarily suspended pending details supporting calculation that fake/spam accounts account for less than 5% of users.”

Which makes a lot of sense if you think about it coldly: who would pay a million for a social network without knowing how many of its more than two hundred million users do not really exist?Without knowing how many users are going to be able to end up paying for your new subscription program? Without knowing what advertising audience you are going to be able to offer to your advertisers?

But you might have thought of it before Elon. That Reuters story is from ten days ago.

The impact would have been the same, I suppose, but at least you would not have generated a heated debate in the very social network that you aspire to buy about whether this really is an excuse to back out of the purchase.

For now, beyond the debate, the impact on Twitter’s stock market valuation has been immediate, with a drop of more than 20% of its value, before the opening of the New York Stock Exchange.

And that’s a lot of money, Elon.

[Actualización 13/05 14:30] Seeing the mess in which he had gotten himself and the stock market cataclysm of what in theory, shortly, will be his company, he has tried to solve it, publishing a very brief, “still committed to acquisition” (“still committed to the purchase”).

You better Musk. Musk is good for you.

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