Montero closes ranks and points out the support of Podemos to Díaz: "is our candidate"

The Minister for Equality, Irene Montero, has assured that Podemos will work To be stronger” and contribute to the process initiated by the second vice president, Yolanda Díaz, with her political project ‘Sumar’. “Yolanda is our candidate”, she has expressed in an interview with the program ‘It is not an ordinary day’ of Radio Nacional de España (RNE), in which has defined the launch of ‘Sumar’ as “good news”.

Montero has also advocated that the Executive be “up to the task” to maintain the coalition and “continue expanding rights”, all this when a commission is expected to monitor the coalition agreement after tensions between the partners over military spending. “We make mistakes and we have differences, it is normal because we are two different political formations, but the difference is that we can debate and reach good agreements for the people“, he has also pointed out in this regard, to claim the coalition as a “conquest of the Democrats”.

On the other hand, the Minister of Equality has referred to the Pride 2022 demonstration, which is celebrated this Saturday, July 9, in which she has placed the people of this community as protagonists. The day, she has pointed out her, arrives with two advances in rights, the “important step” of the declaration by the Constitutional Court that all discrimination against trans people based on their gender identity is illegal, and the Trans Law.

Regarding the latter, he has indicated that he has taken into account the reports that have been issued, such as that of the Council of State, and has already incorporated “everything that can be modified”, but maintains his “clear commitment”. “Recognize people the right to be who they are is a constitutional right”, remarked the minister, who also indicated that when rights are recognized for a group, the quality of democracy is reinforced. She also said that the feminist movement “has always been very clear that expanding rights is what democracies need”. “The LGTBI fight and feminism go hand in hand,” he defended.

Trip to New York

On the other hand, Montero has lamented the criticism of his trip to New York from the right. He has referred to them as a form of “political violence” and “against women”. In this regard, he has warned that this violence has ended in Latin America with the assassination of political leaders. Likewise, she has criticized that it is used “when you are a young woman who does feminist politics” and has warned that it is a strategy that she seeks “destroy the people who occupy the leadership” and have a “disciplining effect”.

“It is an official trip. The Ministry of Equality travels and does its work just like other ministries,” he has also insisted on the matter, adding that he refuses to accept that his visit to New York remains only in the “noise and the selfie “. In addition, the Minister for Equality has lamented the media manipulations that she has recently suffered, which she has attributed to the “intent to harm Podemos”, although she has warned that these actions “harm democracy”.

Among the actions to harm his party, he has also pointed to the audios of the conversations between the former general secretary of the PP María Dolores de Cospedal and the former commissioner José Manuel Villarejo, which reveal that they tried to “destroy” the purple formation, as it has denounced. “We will study possible legal measures,” Montero has guaranteed. “It is a democratic shame that cannot be allowed in our country again,” he has sentenced in this regard.

Belarra issues a notice to the Executive

The leader of Podemos, Ione Belarra, has warned the PSOE that the progressive Executive “is playing” re-election in the next General State Budgets for 2023 and will try to convince his partner that, in order to “take care of the coalition”, more military investment is not needed but to turn to “courageous” measures against inflation. “Either we make some budgets at the level of what the citizens are demanding, the Spanish, not the leader of another power, or the next budgets will be made by Feijóo and Abascal and, yes, they will be violence against the social majority of our country” , has warned the head of Social Rights.

All after a week in which the confederal space has demanded the urgent call for follow-up of the coalition agreement by the differences over the defense budget and, in line with what was stated on Monday, he has expressed concern that Podemos alone defends the progressive “signs of identity” that should be part of the Executive as a whole. During his speech, Belarra defended before his co-religionists that the “best way to strengthen democracy and to aspire that it be full” is that the current Executive “consolidates itself and continues governing”, because it is a “conquest of the left”. Of course, has clarified that “take care of the coalition and take care of what has been achieved” It requires “not taking the wrong course”, so they are going to maintain their role of “promoting the most ambitious measures” of the Government.