Meta reveals how Facebook’s video recommendation algorithm works


Some would kill to crack the algorithms that decide the success or failure of posts. But don’t worry, you won’t have to go to such extremes. And, it is that, Meta has wanted to reveal to us some of the factors that influence how, when and where the videos we publish on Facebook are shown.

Good practices that enhance the visibility of your videos on Facebook

Although this is still not the formula for virality, it is more than relevant information that can be of great help to users and brands. The first thing we must be clear about is that: the main key lies in people, since signals that determine distribution are based on what users want to see. Having learned this lesson, there are a number of practices that Meta recommends to boost your videos on Facebook.


Facebook seeks to reward those creators who strive to create new and surprising content. And, one of the platform’s recommendations to promote this aspect is: share videos conceived, recorded, edited and published by yourself or with the help of a production partner. In this way, you ensure that you are fully involved in the creation process.

On the contrary, Facebook will take a dim view of posting duplicate content or mass-produced or reused clips.

Display behaviors and video attributes

Videos that share certain attributes will be one step closer to success. As is the case with long videos that encourage people to interact with them and stay until the end. Good planning of the structure will be essential.

In this regard, the social network Reject videos that use click bait or look like presentationsthat is, they are not dynamic and have too many still images.

Loyalty and purchase intention

Facebook detects as positive that users return on a regular basis to see videos of a page, rewarding their distribution. To encourage this behavior you can follow the following tips:

Optimize your content for search on the platform: take care of the titles, descriptions and tags.
Post additional content that support your main content and provide variety. Interaction

That users interact and present activity in the social network is one of the objectives of Facebook, that is why it rewards those publications that encourage conversation. If your content meets this requirement you will get: inspire and create an atmosphere of conversation, that your videos are shared in a genuine way and keep the interest of users alive.

Nevertheless, If Facebook detects that you share content produced by others, not related to your page and in exchange for compensation, it will penalize you. The same happens if he finds that you use decoys to achieve your interactions.

Image: Depositphotos

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