Meta boosts its reels by extending their duration to 90 seconds and launching new stickers and sound effects


It is undeniable that short videos are today, and as their use spreads between different platforms, social networks seek to position themselves in the preference of users, therefore Meta boosts your reels with new tools that will be available on both Instagram and Facebook.

Through a post on its official blog, Meta presented these new features that will be rolled out in the coming weeks. The goal of the updates is to make it much easier for content creators to create, edit, and schedule their reels, while making them discoverable by new audiences.

Meta boosts your reels with voiceovers and video trimming tools

New changes include options to sync audio, sound effects and image templates.

Editing reels in Creator Studio

The first novelty for Facebook is that creators will be able to create, edit and schedule the publication of their Facebook Reels using the web browserthrough the Creator Studio tool, which was previously limited to mobile devices with iOS and Android operating systems.

Clip to Reels

Meta also drives your reels with new video trimming tools for use on desktop, with which creators who usually publish long-form videos, both live or previously recorded, can try different formats. The new feature Clip-to-Reel allows you to create clips from long posted videos and edit them on a Facebook reel using Creator Studio.

Creation of reels from direct

Meta has thought about its gamer audience and that is why it has launched editing tools, which will allow you to generate short-form reels directly from your live content. In this way, gamers can crop live clips and convert them to a vertical format with a duration of up to 60 seconds, including dual views for the game and the creator’s camera.

New audio tools

From this moment on, in Facebook Reels will be able to incorporate voices in off in the recordings, so creators can upload videos with a recording in the background.

The company Meta launches the SoundSync Tool, with which creators can automatically sync videos to a song or have a digital voice read text from reels using the Text–to–Speech feature.

reel suggestions

Finally, the company announces that it is deploying the reel suggestions both in the global feed, as well as in Facebook Watch and Groups. The goal is that people’s content can be discovered by new audiences without much effort.

From 60 to 90 seconds long: the new features of Instagram Reels

Duration extension to 90 seconds

One of the updates that meta boosts reels with is the new duration, which will now be 90 seconds. Recall that since February of this year, Meta has been experimenting with longer Reels with a select few creators.

Use of stickers

The favorite stickers of the Stories (polls, quizzes and emoji sliders) are now being brought to the reels, giving creators a chance to engage more with their audiences.

Import own audio to reels

With the new update of the social network, users will be able to matter

r own audios to add comments or background sound to any video with a duration of at least five seconds. Until now, only audios that were available on the platform could be used.


In case users want to create a reel, but they don’t know very well how to start or if they see someone else’s reel and want to recreate it, in both cases they will be able to use their favorite video templates and customize them with their own content, incorporating elements within template or cutting it out. A function that is quite reminiscent of TikTok.

Finally, Meta has reminded that so that Instagram content creators can reach a larger audience and expand their community, they can recommend their reels on Facebook.

Image Facebook Official Blog

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